preeclampsia but still survived

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preeclampsia but still survived


My wife is pregnant with our 2nd baby with delivery dates on 14th of February 2013 to a baby-boy, but will have planned to deliver by C-section on January due to diabetic problem.

Up to today (26-12-2012) our baby is 32 weeks and 6 days. Before about 3 weeks ago, exactly on 7th December she was hospitalized due to high BP(150/100) and high blood sugar(FB-199). Before this day (7-12-2012) two times she visited to our VOG for consultation due to high BP when check at the clinic but above both two times when check with VOGs' presure machine BP was ok. But continuously her UFR result got plus with albumin (I think protein in uria) for since two months back. Also baby was fine too according to the scan and moments to her. This time doctor(VOG) decided to hospitalized her and carefully monitor her BP and blood sugar and other things.

Few hours after she hospitalized BP back to normal. Our doctor (VOG) was ready to discharge her on next day if another test called 24 hour collection of urine is ok which is advised to do by doctor who cares her diabetic(a professor of re-productive medicine). It(24 hour collection urine test) result was not good(as I remember more than 1000mg though ref value below 150mg). Then our VOG doctor informed us if BP is high and continuously shows protein in urine we have to do the deliver. At that time baby was just 29 weeks nad few days. She was injected to develop lungs of baby.

My wife, I and our family ready to face the situation if have to deliver our baby early. I got to know about preeclampsia by our VOG doctor when I only consult him to ask why my wife stay hospitalized when even her BP and blood sugar is normal (she's taking insulin to control diabetic). I was lectured a brief description of this situation and risk to the mother and placenta. Also during the hospitalization UFR test became to show nill of protein in urine.

I and my family members did many things to according to our religion (Buddhism) to by wishing to keep our baby healthy and mother. I search about this condition on internet and found this valuable site.

Fortunately few days after nothing happen wrong and her BP was normal and even tablets also stopped which gave to contral BP. She was discharged from the hospital 15th of December and highly advised to bed rest. Now she doing bed rest as we were instructed.

When we visit  last time our VOG doctor (23-12-2012), after scanned, he told us every thing is going fine. Thank god or whoever help us.

We have to check BP three times a day and one UFR test per week, if UFR test going wrong we have to do a lot of test such as full blood count, 24 hour urine collection test, SGPT, etc... Doctor advised us to be ready to hospitalized at any times if blood pressure goes high continuously.

So this is our story. If I wanted to be informed something more about this situation please reply to this post or email me. We expecting our second baby on coming year (January).




I am pleasure to inform that our baby boy was born 20th January. Before that my wife went to see our doctor for each 4 days after 35 weeks-pass due to blood pressure went high(100/150). But if we did bed rest properly it went down down to 90/120.

Doctor tried to drag up to 37 weeks but we have to deliver when 36 weeks and 4 days. That day from morning on wards BP not went down to 95/140. At about 6 pm it was almost 100/150 when check it with a doctor. Then we call our doctor and he asked to come hospital.

At the hospital protien-uria was checked two times and last one result was +++ and doctor decided to deliver the boy.

We were lucky to have helthy boy to her hand just after the C-section operation. Now he is 1 month  and 7 days. We enjoying life with out little lucky boy and his sister(out 1st baby).


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