Our experience with preeclampsia

Post On Thursday, January 03, 2013 By Shana

Our experience with preeclampsia

I was 29 weeks pregnant when I developed PUPPPS (Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy).  It was basically a rash caused by the pregnancy and according to my Dr. there was no cure except delivery.  I was basically stuck with the constant and painful itch that covered my chest, belly and legs. I was miserable, but thankful my little baby boy was doing great!  Then at 32 weeks I went in for a normal prenatal check up.  The nurse checked my BP and told me to lay down on my left side and she would be back.  Turns out my OB wasn't in that day and I was going to be seeing a nurse practitioner. But to my surprise the nurse walked in with another OB who told me I needed to lay there on my left side for an hour.  After an hour they can back in and checked my BP again.  It was 180/over something (I can't remember). I was then told I needed to go to the hospital next to the clinic right away.  

There they put me on magnesium and discovered I was having contractions.  They were able to stop the preterm labor and I ended up being released 2 days later but placed on bed rest.  I had to come back to the hospital every 2 days for blood work, fetal stress tests and urine testing.  Then at 37 wks during one of my countless visits to the hospital I was told I had more protein in my urine and I had to be induced that night.  I was induced at 11pm and delivered a 7lb 4oz baby boy.  He was then taken away from me and kept away for the next 24 hrs while my body tried to recover.  When my husband brought him into our hospital room I was beyond excited! He was adorable! It took 2 months post delivery for my BP to return to normal,  Ethan is now a little 4 year old tornado!  

I've recently had a little girl in October 2012. During the entire pregnancy I convinced myself that if I ate low salt foods and really monitor everything in my diet I could somehow control my BP.  I was lucky enough not to experience preeclampsia with my 2nd pregnancy, but right after I delivered her my BP once again shot through the roof.  This time it took 4 weeks post delivery for it to return to normal.  There really was nothing I could do or not eat to prevent my BP from eventually jumping.  The only difference was that it happen after I delivered, which I am also thankful for! 

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