My Story!

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My Story!

Hello, My Name Is Breanne. I got pregnant with my son at age 15. I'm 18 now and he is two! I had many problems with my son's health through out my whole pregnancy.

The doctors said he had Down Syndrome and that he would have a kidney problem; because of these problems I saw two doctors a month not just one. I also had an Ultrasound each month along with stress tests twice a week. It was December 9th 2010, I went in for my stress test.

Well my blood pressure was really high, I was having contractions, and I was dilated to a 2. I was sent to the hospital, who then diagnosed me with preeclampsia. Since I was only thirty five weeks, I was in the hospital till midnight. The day I turned thirty seven weeks (10 days later) in which I got induced to have my little boy Ryder Mason.

Many problems later, I had my son at 9:32, Sunday, December 19th, 2010; a healthy 7lbs, 10oz and 20.1 inches baby, but 3 weeks early. Right after he was born, I went down: my placenta was three times the size it was suppose to be and my kidneys failed. I lost too much blood. 

I did not get to hold my son until 2 days after he was born, in which I FINALLY got moved out of my delivery room. But he was a healthy baby with NO PROBLEMS! I received 5 pints of blood and about another week of care and I was finally able to take my son home. I'm thankful for my son and my life.

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