One of the Lucky Ones

Post On Friday, January 11, 2013 By Katie

One of the Lucky Ones

Hi, my name is Katie and here is my story.  It took my husband and I just over 12 months to conceive after 3 miscarriages.  I was 33 when we started trying and we were getting ready to go through lots of testing to find out why I couldn't sustain a pregnancy.  Finally we fell pregnant and I was able to keep it.  I was ecstatic when I hit 12 weeks and the scan showed a perfect baby comfortably snuggled inside me.  

I am a primary school teacher and decided that I felt so good that I would work up until 2 weeks before bub was due (what a mistake that was!).  So fast forward to 33 weeks and I had had a cold for several weeks and was coughing like crazy and felt like I was coughing up a lung.  It would keep me up at night and I could even feel bub move sometimes when I'd cough.  We had our school fete that week and there was a fair bit of stress with making sure everything was organised and going to plan.  I teach Year 1 so my average day is pretty stressful anyway and this fete just added to it.  I remember walking around the fete and having a break from our coffee and cake stall and people commenting on how swollen my legs and feet were.  

The following week (34 weeks) I was still feeling lousy from the flu and decided to have the Monday off work to rest.  I also had a doctor's appointment scheduled for that afternoon.  This was a blessing as I hadn't felt bub move in several days and was becoming very concerned that something was wrong.  I arrived at the surgery for my appointment at 4pm and mentioned that I hadn't felt bub move as much as I would normally.  I also mentioned that I had drunk a glass of cold water and that still didn't help.  Doc took my blood pressure and said it was slightly high but that there wasn't anything too much to worry about.  He did an ultrasound in his office and everything looked ok then he sent me up to the hospital to be checked on a CTG.  That's when all the fun started!

I arrived at the hospital and the midwives put me on the machine to check bubo's movements and heart rate.  They commented that the movements were low but still within a healthy range.  So at 7 that night I was told to go home and that they would send my results to the doc who would get them in the morning.  So I totted home (coughing all the way) and got up the next morning as usual and got ready for work.  Because I had been so sick, the ladies in our office placed a floating relief teacher in my room to help me while I wasn't feeling well, which was a god send.  At about 9am when I was sitting and marking the roll I could hear my mobile ringing again and again.  I ignored it as I usually turn my phone off or put it on silent so it doesn't distract the kids.  Anyway, about 5 minutes later one of our office ladies came into my room to tell me that my doctor was on the phone in the office and that he needed to see me urgently.  I left the class to the relief teacher to answer the call.  My doc said I needed to come up to the hospital again for another test as he wasn't happy enough with previous one.  I drove up to the hospital thinking that I would only be there for an hour and be back at work before I knew it.  

I arrived at the hospital and they strapped me to the CTG machine again.  This time the movements had lessened and I had started having contractions (that was news to me!).  Bub's heart rate was rising and dropping with each contraction.  I did a pee test and there was quite a large amount of protein in my urine and that's when it was all action stations.  My doctor had arrived at the hospital to make sure I was ok and to check on me, they checked my cervix to make sure I hadn't dilated and then I was told that I was going to have my baby today.  I was kind of in shock and denial and got excited for about 10 minutes, then the worry set in.  I live in a small town and our hospital doesn't have the facilities for premature babies so I was taken by ambulance to larger hospital.  

When I arrived at the larger hospital (a town where my husband works) I arrived to find my husband and sister waiting for me in a room where they strapped me to the CTG machine again.  Within 5 minutes of being strapped to the machine I had about 10 doctors and nurses in the room with me preparing me for an emergency c-section.  It was the scariest moment of my life.  I was signing a disclaimer document stating that I knew that I could die on the operating table, that bub could die during the operation etc.  My husband was standing close by crying and not knowing what the hell to do, as was my sister.  Then I was whipped into the operating room.

At 2:02pm that day (23rd August 2011) I held my beautiful baby boy in my arms for the first time and he was the most beautiful thing my husband and I had ever seen.  He had trouble breathing but was a very healthy 6 pounds, which is what would help his speedy recovery.  They gave us a very quick cuddle and then he was taken to SCBU where they hooked him up to oxygen, a feeding tube and other numerous tubes.  He was in a room with 3 other very premmie babies and had one on one care for 3 days.  

During my c-section, one of the nurses heard my cough and commented that I could have whooping cough.  So they isolated me (which meant I got my own room) and told me I wasn't allowed to see my son until I was cleared.  This was the hardest thing as I didn't see him until he was 4 days old.  

Our baby boy was in SCBU for 2 weeks before he was allowed to come home.  He grew quickly and together we worked out the whole breastfeeding thing rather quickly.  He is an absolute blessing in our life and not a day goes by where I don't thank God and our guardian angels for such an amazing gift.  I am pregnant again with our second child and am worried about going through it all again.  We can only hope that this next blessing will come into the world healthy and happy.

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