HELLP survival story

Post On Wednesday, January 16, 2013 By Jana

HELLP survival story

I was a very active 27 year old and I worked hard throughout my pregnancy as crop adviser.  I walked about 5 miles a day in potato and grain fields.  I felt very good throughout the pregnancy except I had problems with having a lot of braxton hicks contractions.  At 35 weeks I woke up in the night and had incredible abdomen and back pain.  I was hospitalized for 48 hours and the regional hospital almost flew me out to Denver or Colorado Springs where there is a NICU. My liver levels went down and my blood pressure was only moderately high when I was having sever pain so I went home and was on complete bed-rest.  I ended up making two more trips to the hospital and on the second trip I wasn't dilated so they sent me home even though I started puking and was in extreme pain.  It felt like I was kicked in the stomach by a horse and I just kept puking on the drive home.  It was terrible and I should have went back to the hospital, but I didn't think they would do anything to help me.  Luckily I laid down on a back massage machine for about an hour and the pain went away.  That was Monday and I had a doctor appointment on Thursday.  

When I went in for my appointment I told my doc about what had happened and he thought that I may have eaten something bad since my blood pressure was within the normal range, ha ha.  I said I was really concerned so he ordered blood tests.  That afternoon the hospital called me and had a room waiting because my liver levels were high again.  I was fine until I ate dinner then I started having the extreme pain again.  The pain was always abdominal and it wrapped around to my back and I had pain in the shoulder just like most other people have explained.  The nurse on duty thought that I was having gastrointestinal problems so she made me a gi cocktail.  I waited in pain for two hours for it to work and finally gave up and went to find her.  She was shocked the cocktail did not work and called the doc immediately.  He said he wanted to get the baby out as soon as possible, so a c-section was done at 3:30 am.  

My little boy Gavin was born extremely healthy and he was 5 lbs 3 oz.  I was very sick so I only got to glimpse at him before they took me to ICU.  I stayed in ICU for two days where they put so many drugs through my I cannot count.  I had issues with my reflexes tapping twice instead of once, so they put me on the magnesium drip along with lots of steroids and antibiotics.  It was very difficult.  

I was released from the hospital after four days.  Today my little boy is 2 years old and thriving.  I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with a second child.  This time around I did whatever I could to make sure I was healthy prior to becoming pregnant which included losing 30 pounds and getting into the best physical condition I have been in since high school.   We will see how things go. I have continued to exercise although I have cut back because of braxton-hicks contractions yet again. 

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