Pre-eclampsia, Stillborn, Caylin-May

Post On Tuesday, January 29, 2013 By Christina

Pre-eclampsia, Stillborn, Caylin-May

Hi my name is Christina and I want to share my story. Just this past April 2012, my boyfriend, Mark, and I found out we were expecting a baby. Not only were we scared for the reality of being new parents, we were so excited and thrilled to know we will have a little one this year. I'm not in the greatest shape, however, my doctors didn't seem too worried about my pregnancy. I had regular visits every few weeks to check up on the baby and me.

I remember the first time my doctor did a sonogram and we heard her heartbeats; to this day I can still hear them. Also keep in mind, I worked at a Starbucks, and actually just got transferred to an even busier location. Working 40 hours a week on my feet and being pregnant was not the best business. My doctor's concern started in late May, where they noticed my blood pressure was getting higher. They made sure I monitored properly, gave me proper medications, and kept up with my appointments.

Friday, August 17, 2012, I went into a regular check up at 9:00am (first time without the boyfriend, he was under the weather) and I ended up staying at the hospital until about 6:00pm. My doctor was concerned with my blood pressure, so she made me go down to Labor and Delivery so they could monitor my blood pressure. A few hours in, a high risk doctor mentioned some concern that my baby was too small. I ended up getting another major ultrasound from both him and another high risk doctor. I will always remember this moment, my boyfriend finally came in, we go into the room and see the baby on the screen.

Both doctors then tell us that my amniotic fluid was way too low and that the baby was only a little over half a pound in weight. I was 25 weeks pregnant, but my baby was only at a growth of 23 weeks. They said that my body pretty much stopped taking care of the baby because of the concern of my own health. They then told me I had to terminate the baby. I remember seeing them walk out of the room and only imagining them coming back into the room saying, "Just kidding!" but... they didn't come back into the room.

After a long weekend of postponing, my boyfriend and I decided to get induced with a vaginal labor. I wanted to see our baby and say one last goodbye. Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 12:55pm, Caylin-May came into the world but was already taken away. This entire time we had no idea on the sex of our baby and here we saw our baby girl. The pain and sorrow that my family and I had to go through is something I would never wish upon anyone to experience. Here we were excited for my due date of December 2, 2012, and all I could tell myself that long weekend was, "There must be another way... I'm not supposed to be going into labor now... Why?" The support from our friends and family are what keeps me going day to day and to know that she is buried properly helps me cope with her loss.

Preeclampsia and any other complication is serious and changes your life forever.

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