I was very lucky!

Post On Tuesday, January 29, 2013 By Margie

I was very lucky!

I was working in the local hospital as a Radiographer when I got pregnant.  During the time that I worked there, there were at least 2 others that were pregnant...  The ob-gyn practice I chose was across the street, and I knew all 4 of the doctors.

Due to morning sickness I gained too much weight, but my Gestational Diabetes test was negative and all my other checkups were okay.  About a month before my due date I had early labor, so I went in the hospital overnight and received hydration/drug therapy.

In my first trimester I saw the other ladies in the department with swollen ankles, and I said "I'm not going to get those."  They said 'oh, sure.'  Well, I did get swollen ankles, and the doctors said to monitor my blood pressure, if I didn't feel well.  That was not a problem, since I worked in a hospital and had friends in the ER.

The Friday of my 2nd to last week of pregnancy, I wasn't feeling so hot, but I thought it was because I had worked hard that day, so I went to bed early.  The next morning I looked down at my ankles, and they were still swollen.  They usually went down overnight.  So I laid in bed most of the day.  That afternoon my ankles were still swollen, so I dragged on some clothes and drove to the hospital to find someone to take my blood pressure.

I went in the hospital by way of the Radiology department and saw a fellow worker.  She said "You look awful," and got a wheelchair and whisked me over to the ER.  My favorite ER doc took my blood pressure, and told me to get up on a stretcher (gurney).  He called the OB on call, and they put an IV in.  The OB was miffed that I didn't call him first, but of course treated me anyway.  They suspected pre-eclampsia, but took a 24-hr urine to confirm.

The results were positive, and the doc told me a little more about pre-eclampsia.  He explained that the cure was "getting that baby out of there."  A current herpes infection ruled out induction, so a Caesarean was scheduled for the next day.  My son was healthy, and they kicked me out of the hospital 4 days later.

I had absolutely no idea that seizures could come about after the baby is born, until I saw Downton Abbey Sunday night.

This took place 22 years ago, so I'm pretty fuzzy on the details, and I don't know what treatment I was given in that community hospital in Western Massachusetts.

But I want to iterate why I was lucky.  1) I was a health care provider, so I knew a bit about anatomy and physiology, and why X-rays are ordered.  2) I had friends who could take my blood pressure, and who recognized that I didn't look well.  3) My doctors knew what they were doing.  The OB practice had 4 doctors, and the newer ones gained from the older ones knowledge.  The ER docs knew what they're doing.  They had Residents there, but they were well supervised.

I write this to those of you who have lost babies and want to try again.  Find out as much as you can, and quiz your doctors in your early months, or better yet, before you get pregnant.


My son also breast-fed for 2 years.  I'm a proponent of that as well!


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