Preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome

Post On Saturday, February 09, 2013 By Erin

Preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome

5 years ago this past January I was blessed to have my healthy little 5 lb 2 oz daughter via induction, she was born at 36 weeks.

I had a normal pregnancy for the most part (in the beginning) the normal morning sickness throughout the 1st trimester.  During the 2nd trimester the morning sickness tapered off a little bit, but still had the occasional nausea and vomiting. 

I worked at a pharmacy Monday-Friday, which consisted of me sitting at a desk all day long.  All my checkups had been normal up until December 7, 2007 I was sitting at work taking calls from patients when all of a sudden my nose started gushing blood, it bleed for about a hour and a half, it didn't stop until I got to Urgent Care and they had to clamp my nose shut...This leads up to when they took my blood pressure: it was 139/98 (sad to be able to remember exact numbers). Now that is extremely high for me, my normal BP is 90s/50s or 100s/60s.  I was sent home that day from work and told to take the next day off as well and to follow up with my normal OB dr.  My next OB appt was only a couple days out from that incident, my BP was still elevated but this time 140s/90s and there on out it kept going up and up. 

I finally started spilling protein in my urine. I was officially diagnosed with preeclampsia at 32 weeks. From there I saw my doctor every week and my BP and protein kept getting worse and worse. I finally did a 24 hr urine test which showed my protein was over 1000 which is VERY VERY high. Surprisingly my feet, hands, face, ankles weren't that swollen except for the normal pregnancy swelling you would see.  My OB dr at the time didn't seem to be taking this preeclampsia serious as I was having spotty vision, heart burn, elevated BP, and the protein in my urine. It wasn't until I threatened to change to a high risk OB doctor (who ended up following me too) that she really took me serious and did a NST on the baby (which turned out fine) and another 24 hr urine count.  I got home from my NST and after turning in the urine, my DR called and said I have to be induced the following day.  I was nervous, scared; all emotions going crazy that I will be delivering my baby whether I was ready or not.  I ended up going into labor all on my own that night/following day, but with the BP increasing still they had to start pitocin to get baby out. By the time she was born, my BP was 157/101, my platelets bottomed out to 91,000 (no blood transfusion) and my liver enzymes were elevated.  I was put on a Mag Sulfate drip not to long after be admitted to the hospital for the induction. The Mag drip is the worst thing in the world.  I could not see close up or far away, you literally had to be standing in the middle for me to see you. I was on bedrest from a Saturday morning until Friday night and sent home Sat afternoon, my BP had come back down after the mag drip and before I left the hospital. My daughter had no health issues from the preeclampsia, I am so thankful for that.

We are now onto baby number two, I am currently 29 weeks 6 days, with no complications so far. Everything has been going great. My OB doctor is amazing, he just bumped me up to every 2 week appts because I do have that history of preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome. Praying, I make it out of this one with no complications for me or baby!

Thoughts and Prayers to all who have gone through this horrible complication!

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