Jackson, Born 7/21/11

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Jackson, Born 7/21/11

It was about 6 weeks before my due date when I went to the doctor's office, planning to ask to be put on bed rest. I had been gaining weight at about 10 pounds per week, which I knew was not normal. My skin was stretched to its max, and I was in pain all over, constantly. My job required me to be relatively active, and it hurt to even sit at my desk.

When the doctor checked my blood pressure, it was a little high, so they had me stay for observation. I called my husband, since I knew something wasn't right. The doctor came in to tell me they had also found protein in my urine and thought it was the beginning of pre-e. I was admitted into the hospital on Monday, and by Tuesday I had started to get blurry vision and felt like my head was being squished. They transferred me to a delivery room, rather than the long term room I was in. I was induced Wednesday night, after trying the magnesium sulfate drip and having steroid shots done to help Jackson's lungs develop.

Thursday morning I was having pretty intense contractions with the Pitocin, but I was also bleeding quite heavily. I watched as they took away multiple pads of blood from under me. The doctor came in and told me they were going to have to do a C-section, just in case I had a placental abruption. They didn't want to risk it. My husband got dressed in scrubs, and I was in tears. I think I was more scared of what was happening than of the procedure itself.

When they laid me on the operating table, they kept asking if I could feel them poking me. Yes. I could feel everything, even though I had an epidural for hours now and my legs were rather numb. I started to feel like I couldn't breathe, even though the doctor was assuring me I was getting plenty of oxygen. I was panicking. They had to give me general anesthesia and knock me out. My husband was told to stay in the hall and couldn't come in. It kills me to think of how scared he must have been.

Baby Jackson was born at 6:11pm on July 21, 2011, weighing in at 4lbs.13oz, just shy of being inside for 35 weeks.

The next few days are a complete blur. As medical bills came in, I realized that they did brain scans, heart scans and had renal specialists in the hospital to check on me. I didn't get to see my beautiful baby boy for 3 days after he arrived. To be honest, I'm not sure I would have remembered. I was constantly sleeping, on oxygen, and I could barely walk.

They had to keep me on the magnesium drip for another day for my blood pressure to return to somewhat less scary numbers. I believe I was at 198/110 for quite some time. I was sent home finally after almost 10 days in the hospital with blood pressure medication and orders to check in with renal specialists in a few weeks to see how my kidneys and liver were responding.

Jackson was in the NICU for 2 weeks, mainly to let his digestive system catch up. He seemed to be breathing fine, and his other systems were good, but he couldn't eat without spitting most of it back up. Once we could keep a whole bottle in his belly for at least an hour, we could go home.

Thankfully, after a year I finally received a clean bill of health and the option to have more children in the future if we ever decided to. There did not turn out to be an abruption, so that was good as well.

Jackson is a thriving 20 month old boy, and he's made his way into the top percentiles for height and weight, even being so little when he was born.

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