HELLP Syndrome

Post On Friday, May 17, 2013 By Lindsey

HELLP Syndrome

I had preeclampsia which was not noticed and then I had HELLP syndrome. I had not read much about it while I was pregnant. The doctor had told me that my baby was measuring in the 10th percentile at my ultrasound. I had swelling of my one leg and my face, I also had a rash on my back. The doctor said these were all normal. But she had sent me for a more in-depth ultrasound and a stress test. I went for those and before we got the results she asked me to go before the weekend on Friday just in case because the blood flow was right at the dot. Any lower and we would've been induced.

By the time I showed up on Friday, I had been having really bad chest pains where I couldn't even sit up. The doctors started doing tests. about two hours later, the baby's heartbeat had been dropping on and off, all my blood work was abnormal and my liver was about 2 times the size it should be, that's what was causing me the pain. I was 35 weeks. They said they would have to do a C-section immediately as the baby would not handle labour.

We found out that because my mother had toxemia with my older sister, that's most likely where it came from. I remember feeling like I was watching everything happening instead of actually being there. We were just in shock. My blood pressure was 3 digits on both sides. the doctor said if I went any further I could've had a stroke, seizure or died. An hour later I was on the table having a C-section. Thankfully everything went smoothly. My daughter came out screaming, all the doctors were shocked and did not expect it. She was 3lbs 14oz. I saw her for two seconds and she went to ICU and I did not see her for 24 hours as we both could not leave our beds. Everyone kept saying she was so tiny.

Thankfully, she did not need any help breathing, and she was healthy. Just tiny. She stayed in the ICU for about two weeks trying to gain weight and eat. She was too tiny to latch to breastfeed so I had to pump and bottle feed her. That was the worst two weeks of my life. Having to leave her everyday in the hospital. We have since been to many doctors appointments and development appointments and you would never know my daughter was a preemie. She is almost 2, 25 lbs and says everything! We call her our miracle baby.

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