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Our story

When I found out I was pregnant my partner and I were both overjoyed; we were so happy and filled with excitement that we were in our own little bubble. This would be my second pregnancy and I didn't worry too much about any complications, my first child's labour had gone without a hitch , my son weighed a healthy 8lb 6oz and I was out of hospital that next evening. So I was hoping my 2nd labor would be similar.

Everything went well throughout the pregnancy except for normal pregnancy symptoms of nausea and tiredness. I took early maternity leave at 33 weeks due to having sciatica it was difficult to work as I had to stand most of the day. I started aqua natal once a week which I really enjoyed, At 34 weeks we had a tour of the hospital and had planned on having a water birth long as there were no complications (fingers crossed).

At 35 plus 1 weeks I went to my usual aqua natal class and had a midwife appointment straight after (just a routine check up). During the class my legs felt heavy and numb, I felt very dizzy and had a headache , I wear glasses so I put the headache and dizziness down to me not having them on in the pool. I told the midwife of my concerns and she took a urine sample and tested my blood pressure. I showed her how swollen my face and ankles were and she seemed concerned too, as she was my midwife with my first pregnancy, she noticed the difference in me this time round. My blood pressure was high and I had plus one level of protein in my water sample. She immediately phoned the hospital and booked me in that afternoon for a check up. I phoned my partner, he left work early and I arranged for my mum to have my son. When we arrived at the hospital I was put on the fetal monitor for about an hour and again had my blood pressure and protein levels checked, she was happy with the result as they had lowered so she sent me home but told me to book a midwife check for the next week.

At 35 weeks plus 4 days I continued to swell and the dizziness and headaches continued.It was a Saturday so there was no GP available I phoned the midwifes at the hospital explained the situation and asked for some advice, I was told to go straight there , so again I made arrangements for my child and went to the hospital. Once I got there after waiting an hour to be seen I was told my blood pressure was really high and my protein was at plus 3. She seemed really concerned and told me I would have to stay in hospital till at least Tuesday (which would have been week 36).

My daughter was born at 35 weeks and six days, that Monday night, once they had got the results back from the 24 hour water collection and I had a scan which showed her growth was slowing down and her movements were slow. It all happened really quick: I was induced by I.V drip, had my water broke and delivered a tiny 4lb 12 oz daughter five hours later. Everything after that was a massive blur I lost two blood clots and a lot of blood. As I was anemic, my blood count went from 12 to 8.5. The midwife moved me to the high dependency unit (HDU) afterwards where I continued to have contractions and after pains . The midwife didn't seem too concern by the pain I was in and said it was 'normal'. I got up off the wheelchair on to the bed and collapse onto my partner. It was then that she finally called the doctor to examine me, she found I had three big clots inside which were making me contract so she had to get them out... I was offered the gas and air and would not have been able to get through it without them. (I've had two child both with just gas and air and this was by far more painful ). I was shocked the midwife hadn't picked up on this. 

I ended being in hospital for  a week. My daughter lost weight as she wasn't feeding well so I had to express and cup feed her: she lost 9% of her body weight in two days and weighed 4lb 2 oz. I had a infection in my womb which was treated by an I.V antibiotic drip. Once my daughter was getting better I discharged myself once they put me on oral medication. I couldn't wait to get home and be a proper family. It really depressed me in there. They weren't happy I discharged myself as my blood pressure was still high but I came home early Sunday morning. A midwife visited me on the Monday at home and checked the medication they had given me for pain relief as my BP was still a little high... the side effects where high blood pressure. I came straight off them and made a quick recovery.

I felt really let down by the midwifes at the hospital: nobody told us till day 3 that I had preeclampsia. I felt so helpless and could not stop worrying. There was one midwife that told us honestly what was happening, but I felt like I was treated like a child by all the rest. I developed PND after her birth I think it was trigger by the stress of it all.

It's been over two years since my daughter was born, an my partner and I still can't decide whether to have another baby. We really would love to, but were so worried about any complications that it's putting us off. I have an appointment booked next week with my GP to discuss any risks and questions we have, so hopefully it will put our minds at rest.



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