Severe Preeclampsia & Anxiety

Post On Tuesday, June 18, 2013 By Kimberly

Severe Preeclampsia & Anxiety

I was ecstatic when I finally got a positive pregnancy test on Sept 11, 2011 after 2 yrs of ttc. Little did I know that my pregnancy and delivery would be life threatening and the most terrifying experience of my life.

At 8 weeks I had to go to the ER because of spotting. The docs diagnosed it as a threatened miscarriage and sent me home to wait it out. Well by the grace of God the spotting ended and I continued to carry my baby. I thought that was the most traumatizing experience I could have, but boy, was I wrong. At 22 wks, I notice my little boy had significantly stopped moving. So my doc hooked me up to the NST machine and found out the cord was around his neck. After much prayer and many docs later, the cord miraculously untangles. Well then I was considered high risk and I had to have 3 appointments a week (1 nst, 1 ultrasound,  and 1 doc appt.) starting at 30 weeks. That when the doc noticed my bp rise a little. So I did the 24hr urine test and it came back ok.

Well 3 weeks later at the doc office he just looked at me and said I did not look well and had the preeclampsia look. My protein wasn't that high but my uric acid levels were high. He said he thought I would have my baby in a couple days. Well the OB on call that weekend did not want to induce me. So I go home and that night I felt funny and had a headache. So I took a nap hoping it would go away. I woke up feeling a little better. Well that night I wake up with a major migraine. I took a shower and I was in tears because it hurt so bad. I go into the L&D at 4 am. My bp was 154/96. They give me meds for my headache and observe me.

By noon that day, my headache was not going away. However the OB on call was not taking me seriously (not my reg OB.. he was amazing!). Well at 8pm after having a migraine since before 4 am, I start to have severe upper stomach pain. He tells my family I am not having this baby tonight and to just go home. Well at 9pm he gives me GasX telling me it is probably just gas even though I am doubled over in pain with a migraine still. He waits 30 mins and the pain had gotten worse so he does blood work. He comes in at 10:15pm and takes my blood pressure and it is 180/120 and my liver enzymes are highly elevated. He then tells me I am having an emergency c section. They found a blood clot in the placenta. He tells me my son and I are very lucky to be alive with all the complications (bp, liver swelling, blood clot, and prematurity).  At 10:54pm on 4/21/12 (35 wks) I hear the screams of my little blessing. I thought everything would be fine. I was wrong...

I felt instantly better after the c-section. The doc comes in and tells me my baby is being transferred to a hospital 45 mins away for a better NICU cause his lungs are under developed. I didn't get to see my son.. only held his little hand through a hole in the incubator before he left me. I had no idea what my son even looked like. They started me on magnesium that made me feel terrible. My bp was up and down for the next 5 days. I had severe anxiety... I despised the hospital stay especially since my baby was not with me. I told them if they would just release me my bp would go down because of my anxiety. Well after begging my doc he agrees to let me go home if I monitor my bp closely and call him if the top number goes above 160. He had scared me so bad by telling me about stroke and seizures that when I went to see my son as soon as I got out I couldn't even enjoy it. I was worried sick. Well, finally after 2 weeks my bp slowly stabilized and I slowly stopped my bp meds.

My son just turned 14 months. He is healthy (except Nystagmus) and happy. He is well worth all the medical issues we went through. However my experience still makes me get anxiety and makes me think twice about conceiving again. I want more kids but I don't want to risk my life or another child's life. I owe my life to God for saving my son and my life. 

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