McKenna's Story

Post On Wednesday, June 19, 2013 By Kellie

McKenna's Story

Our story began on Father's Day when we found out we were pregnant just after moving into our new home!  The first trimester was a doozy!  I threw up all day everyday and had many food aversions, but the first day of the second trimester felt amazing and was energized and able to actually eat!!!!  Everything was great up until I went in for my checkup at 31 weeks and my blood pressure was elevated.  I was sent home on bedrest and scared.  The next morning my OBGYN called and said she didn't want to wait until monday to check me again and wanted to see me checked in at the hospital for observation.  I am so glad she called by the time I got there my blood pressure was 220/130!  I had severe PE and HELLP syndrome.  I had no symptoms!!!!!  I was completely baffled !  And here came the Magnesium sulfate or what I like to call Vodka in a bag as it made me feel super tipsy!  Coutless tests and two steroid injections later McKenna Mary was born via emergency C-Section at 31 weeks at a mere 2lbs 7oz. I was terrified!  She came out screaming...... that was my only saving grace:)  Hearing her little voice made everything OK.   We had a 6 week NICU stay and she came home before her due date!  She is now 3 years and healthy!!!  We are now expecting our second child and I am super nervous that it could happen again!

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