My Story-Destini

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My Story-Destini

In 2006 we found out that we would be expecting our 3rd child. We already had two boys, so I was really hoping that my 3rd would be a girl, since I assumed that would be my last. In May of 2006 we found out we were expecting a girl; I was so excited. My due date was 10/28/06, so I had to go through the whole summer. :( Everything was going well in the pregnancy; I was not considered high risk at the time. I had preeclampsia with the boys, but not until actual labor at 39 and 40 weeks, so they really had no reason to think that the pregnancy would be any different.

I continued to go to my monthly appointments and again everything was fine... then all of sudden around August 1, I was around 27 weeks, I started to swell up really bad. My legs, ankles and feet, so I made a routine appointment with my doctor. My blood pressure was not high and the protein was not that bad, so they sent me home on Bedrest. Two days later, I returned with my angry mother in-law who was very upset with the doctor. My swelling had gotten worst: my face, hands, everything, was swollen. I must have gained almost 30 pounds in 2 days; and my blood pressure was 150/100.

I was told to go straight to the hospital were they monitored me and gave me the streiod shots. I was doing pretty good on bedrest at the hospital, until I woke up with a really bad headache. All I can remember is my baby girl was only 28 weeks: she came out at 2 pounds 2 ounces. We didn't know what to expect. She was 12 weeks early, but she is a fighter and I must say GOD is good. She did excellent in the NICU and came home in early October. Now she is a healthy 6 year old. I was told not to have any more babies; however I was not even 30 yet, so I didn't want to get my tubes tied, but at the same time I didn't want to have another preemie, so I decided to go with the IUD. Here it is six years later and I am expecting baby number 4 and another boy who is doing very well so far. Again I gave thanks to the almighty himself. I am currently 34 weeks and no signs of preeclampsia. This pregnancy is considered high risk so I go to the doctor weekly and I take baby aspirin. Doctors were certain I would not make it this far but GOD has myself and my son covered! I was asked in the beginning of the pregnancy was this something I wanted to go through. My family thought it was a bad idea because of what I went through before: they were worried about my health. I decided to take a chance and I am so happy that I did. I consider myself to be lucky and blessed to be able to carry this baby. My advice to other women: don't get discouraged, stay positive, and everything will be okay. 


Proud Mommy of 3 1/2

Kamari-14 Kaurese-10 Destini-6  and baby Isahai who will be here soon

God Bless

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