HELLP Syndrome-First Pregnancy

Post On Wednesday, July 24, 2013 By Danielle

HELLP Syndrome-First Pregnancy

My husband and I tried for over 2 years to get pregnant. We were told we would need to proceed with IVF.  So we had 3 embryos implanted and 1 of them matured into an exciting pregnancy for us. I was due on November 4, 2010. At 26 weeks of my pregnancy on July 27, 2013, I was at work and not feeling so great. My legs/ankles were very swollen but nothing else swelled. I was experiencing some vision problems. I went to my mom's office at the time she worked for an OB-GYN so one of the nurses could take my BP. Well it was extremely high. The OB/Gyn at her office told the nurse to run a urine test for my protein level. My levels were 7,000. I was immediately admitted into the hospital. My doctor told me that I would be on bedrest in the hospital until my due date. I met with a high risk doctor and he said the next 3 days will be critical. I was put on magnesium sulfate and given steroid injections for my baby's lungs to mature. The next two days I felt fine even the doctor said I didn't look like anyone that had preeclampsia. Then on day #3 I was in the post-partum section of the hospital where the nurse comes in about every 3-4 hours to check your bp. I told the nurse I was having extremely bad back pain and could not sleep. She gave me a Tylenol and said it was probably the bed being uncomfortable. I wish at that time she would have took my complaint seriously and called the doctor because I was in there for that specific reason to be closely monitored. I went all night long without a minute of sleep. I walked around the room, sat in a chair and just could not get comfortable. Finally, the morning came and my doctor stopped in and I told him I was really sick and had horrible back pain and shortness of breath and pain in the pit of my stomach under my rib cage. He told me please don't do this to me. He was so scared for me. He ordered an emergency C-section. The anesthesiologist came in and told me that when I wake up I would be in the ICU on a ventilator to let my organs rest. They were starting to shut down.  My husband as not even allowed to accompany me in the operating room to see our baby born. I was put under so I never experienced the joy of giving birth or hearing my baby cry. Our baby boy was born 1lb 6 ounces on  July 30, 2010. He spent 99 days in the NICU. We couldn't ask for a better staff. As for me, I was in ICU for 3 days and did not see my son until day 3. I saw pictures of him but never got to hold him until 3 days later. This was one of the hardest things I ever had to endure in my life. My son will be celebrating his 3 year birthday next week and I couldn't be more proud of him. He is doing great. Born a preemie and loves life. He does not have any major medical issues and we are truly blessed. Sometimes in life you are thrown a curve ball but I didn't really question it. I feel everything happens for a reason.

We have one frozen embryo left to use. We are planning on taking that chance next month. I am extremely nervous/scared this is going to happen to me a second time around. I met with the high risk doctor and asked him if he thought I was crazy and he said absolutely not. I have a blood disorder Factor V Lieden alone with high blood pressure. With those two combined that can cause severe preeclampsia or the HELLP syndrome. If I should get pregnant I am going to have to take shots of lovonox in my abdomen from week 9 until delivery date. He said most likely I would get preeclampsia again but it wouldn't be as severe and I now know what to look for as far as signs/symptoms. My thoughts on this are if we conceive I will be so happy and if not I have been blessed with my son who is a true miracle to our lives.


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what a miracle

Posted On Sunday, July 28, 2013 By Sara

I am very happy for you that you have your son with you. It must have been very  hard to go through all of this, and I am sure you have become stronger from it.

I wish you luck on your next pregnancy.

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