For Noah. Severe Pre eclampsia, Placental Abruption at 38 weeks

Post On Saturday, July 27, 2013 By Kristin

For Noah. Severe Pre eclampsia, Placental Abruption at 38 weeks

Hello all,

We lost our son Noah at birth, at 38 weeks. He was born and died May 10, 2013.

Noah is our fourth baby.  I have a history of pre eclampsia and had all of the warning signs. With Noah I had severe pre eclampsia and left undiagnosed and therefor untreated, I had a full placental abruption. 

I almost died as well, but thankfully another Angel was there that day. The doctor who saved my life.

We are determined to make a difference from our tragedy. Our situation was avoidable and we would like to prevent this from happening to other people. Specifically educating Providers.

 I'm not exactly sure how to do all of that yet, but in time I'm sure I will find the right avenues for awareness. 


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i am so sorry bout your precious noah

Posted On Monday, September 16, 2013 By DIXIE-ANN


i just joined....i cant say i know how u feel....but i do know how heart breaking it is....not too long ago i lost my precious first baby...i named her eshanika-hannah....she born and died on anuary 08th heart was never the u take time to grieve over your noah deary....i also agree with ya on the more awareness big hugz goin out to ya...

My heart goes out to you

Posted On Saturday, August 03, 2013 By Dara

I'm so sorry for losing your precious Noah to pre-eclampsia.  I had pre-eclampsia with my first son, Aaron.  It was superimposed, and diagnosed at 26 weeks.  He was born and died on Feb. 6, 2008.  Your story touched my heart and reminded me of Aaron.


I hope you grieve in a healthy way, and let it out whenever and wherever you feel it.  It hurts so badly, I know!  I know that I actually felt a pain in my chest after crying and moaning one day.  My therapist said that I experienced literal heartbreak.  It just sucks!  Pre-e is evil!


You are absolutely right that PE needs to be diagnosed early, and warning signs heeded immediately! 


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