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It's been about 4 years and 1 month ago, that I gave birth to my 2nd daughter, on July 10, 2009.  The pregnancy started out normal and then about 4 months into it I started feeling sick, and having headaches.  At about six months, my family decided to take a little vacation and visited a local zoo.  After that I swelled up.  At my six month appointment they did the normal testing.  Everything came out fine, but my normal blood pressure was a little high, so they reassured me that everything was fine.  They did want to do a blood test and a 24hr urine test so I went to the lab for that right way.  But everything came back normal.  The only thing the doctor could come up with is that it was due to the heat and it would go away.  I returned for my next appointment still swollen up, still having headaches, sick to my stomach.  Again they did all the did all of the normal test and sent me to the lab for more test, this time a 48 hr urine test.  But still nothing.

To make this short, this goes on until I'm about 2 days away from my due date; I'm in so much pain, and cannot feel her move anymore. I called my doctor and they tell me to come up to the office to be checked.  I get there, they check her heartbeat, and that is normal and they check my blood-pressure: still fine but not my normal.  And they check to see if I'm dilated; I'm about a 3, so he sends me to the hospital to be induced to relieve me of my pain.  

Once I get there, they hook me up and tell me that I'm in labor. My contracts are about 5--7 minutes apart and we will have this baby by 8 p.m.  My doctor arrives up to the hospital between 5-6 pm.  He checks me: everything is going really well. They order my epidural, and he leaves to take care of something and will return in 1 hour.  My husband also leaves to get supper for himself and our 3 year old daughter while I enjoy some flavored ice and visiting with my mother. After my husband and daughter return, a nurse comes in and check the monitors and my blood-pressure. I start to feel really sick at this moment and try to tell the nurse, but I blacked out!!!!

I don't know much after this or how long it took, but I do remember being woken up, my husband was standing over top of me and the anesthesiologist, grabbed me by the shirt lifted me up and he told me that I just had a seizure and they have to do a emergency C-section, so drink this, I then blacked out again.

Meanwhile my mother and daughter were told that the baby did not make it.  My mother started to flip out, the hospital called the rest of my family so they could get up to the hospital to support her. I don't know how long I was in recovery, but my husband returned to the room to let my family know that I and the baby were doing fine.

I was wheeled back into the room around 10-11 pm. where I was greeted by my whole family, I was a little confused by what was going on, or even what had just happened.  They then handed me my daughter.  (Which she is healthy and doing fine)  My family was told they had to leave so that I could get my rest.

The next morning the doctor that delivered my daughter came into the room and told me that I gave the whole hospital staff a scare last night. She told me what had happened, told me that I had preeclampsia.  I told her that I was tested like 3 times, and she asked me where. I told her "here in this hospital."  And that was the end of that.  They then proceeded to blame it on a disease that I inherited called NF1.  They then believed that I had a tumor in my brain and then sent me in for all kinds of test MRI, CAT scans and a CTI.  The tests revealed nothing.  These doctors then told me that I should continue to have to scans to motor my seizures, I told them that I never had a seizures in my whole life, except when I had my daughter.  They told me that I will continue to have seizures now and have to be put on meds, and will not be able to drive for up to at least 6 months until they know for sure. I thought what am I going to do, I'm a stay at home mom, now what, and still confused by what had happened and no one really talking...

Six months passed and I finally get back to normal and back to driving.  I decided not to go back and continue with the scans and hope for the best.  I finally joined a support group on my NF1 and went to some meeting and found out from a doctor there that women with NF1 have a greater chance on developing preeclampsia.  So know I still kind of left in the dark on way they did not take to extra precaution, to prevent what happened to me on that day!  I guess I will never know.  So that is my story I hope it's not too hard to follow.

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