HELLP SYNDROME - My Survival Story

Post On Monday, September 23, 2013 By Becky

HELLP SYNDROME - My Survival Story

On 12/26/12 I was admitted for severely high bp (I had no prior history). While in there, it rose to 220/112 & they thought I was going to have a stroke at 30 weeks pregnant. I spent New Year's and 8 days in the hospital. Was released and told to go on bed rest till I gave birth. Some protein in my urine so they said I had gestational hypertension and early preeclampsia, which they could manage. 1st night home an unbearable pain in upper abdomen, I felt like I was going to die. Called doctor; was told "its the baby pushing up" and normal pregnancy problem, to take a hot shower and go to bed.

Next day, pain happened twice, then as each day progressed, it became more severe, and eventually became constant. I was getting huge clots of blood coming out of my nose (was told it's normal pregnancy nosebleed). Finally I could no longer move, eat, sleep, drink and told my husband that I don't care if this is normal (my 1st preg so I didn't know better & was listening to drs). At hospital they ran tests, I was desperately telling them of my pain in my abdomen, but they were still about to discharge me.

As I was packing up to go, my doctor rushes in with tears in her eyes, saying you have HELLP and are having this baby now! My platelets were at 32,000 and I had the most severe class of HELLP. I had to say goodbye to my husband and tell him what qualities I wanted to instill in our baby & what I wanted him to know about me, just in case, took one last pic & made sure to smile in it so my baby could have it & know his mom was brave if I didn't make it. In the ER, my esophagus was crushed, catheter shoved up me and I was knocked out. Received 3 blood transfusions & one platelet transfusion. Due to them, when I woke up, my blood sugar dropped to 42 & I started to slip into coma. Was on a slew of medications, didn't meet my son for 2 days. He was intubated, 2 collapsed lungs, chest tubes, sick and spent 40 days in NICU. My c-section opened up a bit 2 weeks later because they had to open me, get baby & close me so quickly to save both of our lives. I had umbilical hernia surgery 3 months later from pregnancy complication.

Now 8 months later, I have no memory of December and January (son born 1/14/13 and no memory of that), PTSD and am finally starting to process some of the emotions from it all.  The story I just told you is only known to me through others around me telling me details of that time (I ask them to repeat it to me a lot so I can feel like its a memory). I am thankful everyday that my son & I are alive!!

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