my eclampsia experience and doubts on my present situation

Post On Monday, September 30, 2013 By DISI

my eclampsia experience and doubts on my present situation

hi I'm disi andrade alforque 32, preeclampsia survivor. 

Last year November 19, 2012 I early deliver my child at 34weeks true CS because of my preeclampsia condition and praise God we both survived. What I worry now is my present condition: my monthly period suddenly doesn't come last September 11 which I expected, now to confirm my condition I bought a pregnancy test kit and test myself and it has a positive result. What I worried now was my doctor's advise b4 as she said to be safe, I should reach the three years before I get pregnant again. If not, might my case may repeat? :(( and now it's too early. It's only 10 months since the last time I delivered. So lots of questions now in my mind: am I safe now to get pregnant again??? Please help me and let me know what are the best thing to do in my condition right now. thank you... God Bless  


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