My Experience with Preeclampsia

Post On Tuesday, October 01, 2013 By Ashley

My Experience with Preeclampsia

I'm Ashley.

I had a very rough pregnancy with twin boys. I had preterm labor. At 35 weeks I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and was to be induced right away. First, I had an amniocentesis test done to make sure my boys' lungs were mature. If they weren't, I was to be transferred to a bigger hospital with a NICU. Thankfully, they were mature enough to be delivered where I was!

For weeks leading up to my diagnosis, I was put on procardia to keep my uterus from contracting. I was swelling slowly, week by week. The week before I was induced I had gained 11 pounds of fluid. I was hugely swollen! My feet looked like tissue boxes. I was literally swollen from head to toe.

My delivery was very traumatic. I opted out of a c-section because both of the twins were head down. My first twin was stuck because of my swelling. I had a 4th degree episiotomy and then hemorrhaged after my first baby came. My second baby came 20 minutes later. Myself and my doctor both had nightmares from my delivery. We were all in the hospital for 6 days recovering from all of this.

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