My angel forever!!

Post On Thursday, October 17, 2013 By Lindsey

My angel forever!!

My husband and I decided to wait a couple of years before trying to conceive, with work schedules and school we decided to wait.  Finally we decided to start trying and we got pregnant right away with our first child, we were both so excited.  Everything was normal within the first few months, and I did not have any morning sickness.  On our 20 week check up/finding out the sex visit, we were told to go to the hospital.  My blood pressure was high and was swollen in my legs and feet,  the doctors diagnosed me with preeclampsia.  Within days we were faced with a decision to give birth or for me to have surgery.  I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Lillie on 10/05/2013 and she is our little guardian angel.  Their was nothing that could have been done, if we waiting I could have passed as well.  The doctors say that it is okay to get pregnant again, but it will be considered high risk and there are ways to remedy this situation again, but we are both nervous to start trying when the time is right.  We need to figure out how to accept what happened especially since it happens to one percent of woman so early in pregnancy, while at the same time trying to move on with our lives...


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I can relate

Posted On Friday, November 22, 2013 By Jaime

My husband and I went through a similar situation. I had severe preeclampsia with our first child together in 2009. I had an emergency C-section at just 24 weeks into the pregnancy. Our son Ronan was born on august 2 2009 and passed away September 11 2009. I was told that it would be a 50/50 shot that this would happen again, if we try to have another child. I got pregnant one year later with our daughter Willow and I carried her to full term. She just turned 3 on the 18th of November. I understand the fear, I was scared out of my mind with our daughter. Before I met my husband I lost a baby due to a miscarriage, so I can totally understand the fear. The best advice that I can give and I hope that it is good advice is give yourselves time to mourn and get through this. If you decide that you really want to be a mom, then go for it after enough time has passed. Your body and mind needs a chance to heal. If you decide not be a biological parent, than that is fine as well. There are many children out there that desperately need a home. I wish you well on this journey in life.

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