Preeclampsia before delivery & after

Post On Friday, October 18, 2013 By LATOSHIA

Preeclampsia before delivery & after

I was just shy of 37 weeks when my issue with preeclampsia was discovered. It was time for my routine check up when the Midwife's office noticed the protein in my urine was high.  I also had major swelling in my legs and feet, which I thought was just a common symptom of pregnancy.  I had started having minor headaches that I was relating to allergies.  I consider it a "God thing" that this day I was called back by a nurse that I didn't normally see.  She also had gone through preeclampsia with her first child, so she knew what I was dealing with right off.  She shared a brief story with me of her experience before they sent me over to the hospital to have a catheter urine check (for better accuracy). 

When I got to the hospital, they discovered the protein in my urine was way high and after monitoring my blood pressure, they determined I wasn't going home.  To make a long story very short, I spent 2 days and nights in the hospital prior to delivery.  When I reached the full 37 weeks, they induced me.  I had a healthy baby girl of 6 lbs. 5 ounces.  I only pushed for 17 minutes, and she was here.  Another "God thing".   After being watched for a few days after delivery, I was released and told to monitor my bp.  About 3-4 days later, I was readmitted to the hospital after dealing with daily headaches and elevated blood pressure.  I had been taking a bp pill, too.  There I spent about 4-5 more days.  I had to take magnesium sulfate through an IV, which was probably the worst experience of my life.  I felt as though I was going into a coma before coming off the medicine.  Through it all, God was so faithful and brought us through.  I was able to go off my bp medicine about 4 -6 weeks after delivery.   The hospital staff was great about getting me up to breastfeed my baby girl, and I was told that most mommies return to the ER after delivery having seizures.  The Dr. was thankful we called him before this happened.  Praise GOD.  I believe I'm healed of preeclampsia, and that I will not experience this again with my next child. 

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