How I survived my near death experience of preeclampsia

Post On Tuesday, November 05, 2013 By Latavia

How I survived my near death experience of preeclampsia

Hi, I'm Latavia and I had a near death experience with preeclampsia. I was 8 months pregnant when I discovered my life would change forever. I went for a regular check up and noticed I was a little more swollen then usual. My doctor didn't think much of it because swelling was normal in a pregnancy. He put me on bed rest and told me to start eating healthier, less salt. He also took me out of school being that I was young I missed a lot. Weeks went by and the swelling had gotten a lot worse from my first visit. My next visit came around and my blood pressure was sky high. My face was swollen, my eyes, my hands, my arms, my feet. I was admitted into the hospital that day. I was taken to Labor and delivery where I was monitored. I got my IV and I had a catheter put in because I wasn't allowed on my feet.

My son was doing fine so it seemed. The doctors and nurses obviously weren't paying enough attention. I was sent to the regular floor of the hospital where I had to lay on my left side constantly to try to lower my blood pressure. They couldn't get it stable. I had so much protein in my urine to the point where it was brown. 6 days rolled by and I was so swollen you could barely recognize me. My doctor must have noticed something because after my ultrasound he came in on his off day and gave me an amniocentesis. They told me that his lungs weren't developed enough and they didn't have the equipment to deliver him there.

My grandmother then requested that I be relocated to a better hospital. 7 days had passed and I was laying in that hospital dying. finally I was being transported to Birmingham, AL by ambulance. That ambulance ride had to have been the worst ride of my life because it all went downhill from there. I called my mom crying because I could no longer see and my stomach felt weird like a burning sensation. They had no medication on the ambulance and nothing to monitor my blood pressure with. Then it happened: my uterus split from my placenta and my son was drowning in blood, my liver and kidneys were shutting down and we were both so close to death.

I arrived at the hospital knowing a minimum of nothing that was going on. I was taken to labor and delivery where my doctor came in and checked on me before leaving. I asked her brief questions about my delivery the next day and she noticed me squinching to look at her. She asked what was wrong and I told her I couldn't see her. Then she told the nurse to monitor the baby and there was no heart beat. She tried once more and it was barely making a sound. I instantly went into shock. She yelled "help!" and nurses came in from everywhere, trying to help undress me and shave me for my emergency c-section. I heard code blue on the intercom and distant yells from the hallway as everyone rushed to prepare with a limited amount of time. They rolled me back and told me everything that was happening. My son was born 3 pounds 7 ounces. He had stopped growing inside of me and no one even knew it. He came out unstable, but they brought him back. He was breathing on his own, but so tiny. He then stayed on monitors in the NICU for 2 weeks.

My baby boy is now 3 years old and I thank God for sparing our lives.

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