One pregnancy is more than enough for me

Post On Monday, November 25, 2013 By Roxanne

One pregnancy is more than enough for me

Mine was horrible. Ill try to keep it short without missing anything. I was 20 weeks or so, just found out it was a girl. I was visiting my family in California and had this awful fever, felt like crap, sweaty, plus a heat rash to the point of blisters. It hurt to walk, stand, everything. I went back to Nebraska and went to my drs appt a few days later. I had a fever of 102.7 and the doctor noticed my feet were swollen. There was no difference between leg, ankle, and that bend to a foot. So she ran some tests, finally was able to get back ahold of me and I was told I have blood clots. Clots going to my lungs and causing pneumonia. I had to rush to a hospital an hour away, get a specialist and had leg surgery to get the clots out. Surgery took 3 hours but it seemed only like a half hour. I could not be put asleep due to being pregnant, so I was sedated and awake during the entire surgery. Clots were still forming as they were being taken out. I also had 2 get 2 stents (like metal chinese finger traps) in my groin area to keep my veins open. The baby was smashing my veins. If Id had waited even a day later, I would have 1- lost my leg, 2- lost my baby, or 3- lost my own life. I found out later that I have a blood clotting condition called Factor V Leiden, where I clot too much rather than not enough. So that being over, I was told to walk walk walk and keep my blood flowing. Well, walking progressed pre-eclampsia. So high blood pressure and all that crap. It was also summertime then I had to wear leg compression stockings. Which is like a grown woman trying to fit into her kid sisters tights. Due to the pre-e I was told not to walk around a lot, my blood pressure would spike dangerously high. At this time my sister in law was also pregnant, waiting to pop pretty soon. (what started out as a 2-3 months birth difference ended up being about 1 month difference. her delivering late and I early). So with the blood pressure spiking and me having no choice but to still get up to get a drink, cook food, etc. I ended up being hospitalized for an entire month. (sept 3-oct 7 2011). I forgot to add, since I have that blood clotting condition, I had to get Lovenox blood thinner shots twice a day, in my stomach! If it werent for medicaid while I was pregnant, those cost $3000 a month and I had to have them or else. Being in the hospital for a month, I had the blood draws, the tests, the heart monitor for a couple hours every day for the baby, check the blood pressure, etc etc. I barely got any sleep. Thankfully my husband was ale to drive that hour every weekend to see me and the drs let him stay the weekend with me. I ended up having a c-section at 37 weeks. (my family still in california the entire pregnancy). my daughter turned out fine, 6lb 2 oz. So now that the pregnancy, which I didnt even get to enjoy, is over. great right? wrong! Due to my swelling and pre-e, when I was getting the spinal thing for my c-section something happened,  my foot spazzed and kicked. Then they had to try again with the needle. That spazzing messed up something and now I have Lower Lumbar Arthritis. I am in extreme pain every day, especially now that its colder outside. Im supposed to go to physical therapy and take medicine every day, but cant afford the insurance or the payments after insurance pays their part. Also, with a c-section your body doesnt get the full im having a baby thing. I went into a room pregnant, and left not pregnant, so your body flips out. I got hit with postpartum depression so bad. I am 23 now, this all happened when I was 21. I had my 21st bday in the hospital  (obviously not from alcohol). My daughter is now 2, and doing wonderful! Shes smart and a little booger. I however, am still suffering from everything. There are no plans for another LO, as the doctor said Id more than likely have to go through the same things. 

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