My baby - Jaden

Post On Wednesday, January 22, 2014 By Sharon

My baby - Jaden

When I was 7 months pregnant (32 weeks) I had nausea, feet & hand swelling, shortness of breath & acidity. My doctor had told me that they were the symptoms of pregnancy.  Even my blood pressure was normal.

On November 2013, I had severe pre-eclampsia which led to convulsions, headache, blurring of vision & pulmonary edema (fluid in my lungs) and was rushed to ER. My condition was so bad that they could not wait to give steroids for the maturity of my babys lungs. I was given Magnesium sulfate to prevent the occurrence of seizures. The baby was delivered through C-section.

My condition was stabilized and by baby was in neo natal care for a week. His condition was good. He was born 1.5 Kg. The doctors had told me that he was normal and his lungs were working fine.

That afternoon I got a call from the NICU that my baby had stopped breathing. Cot death was the explanation given for his death.

I never knew about pre-eclampsia until I had it. It is very common but there is no awareness about it in India.

I lost my child to this dreadful disease. I have named him Jaden. Its only been 3 months and I feel shattered. I had even brought clothes for him and planned my future.

I hope to be pregnant soon but very scared that it might reoccur.

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