How I learned the word help had 2 ll's!

Post On Tuesday, April 15, 2014 By Amber

How I learned the word help had 2 ll's!

My first pregnancy was very easy.  I did not suffer from mourning sickness or fatigue.  At around 32 weeks I developed a very persistent and painful headache.  I took my blood pressure at home with an automatic machine.  My BP was high so I went to a friends home to have it checked manually.  It was still high.  I called and reported my readings to the dr and was instructed to come in and have it taken in the office.  My BP was high in the office with moderate amounts of protein in my urine.  I was given a stress test were my BP normalized by lying on my left side.  

I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and sent home on bed rest.  After around 1 week if bed rest I bagan to have an excruciating pain under my right breast.  I thought the baby had cracked my rib.  I called the dr and was told to keep a diary of my BP and take some tums.  A few days went by and I had called the dr office for 3 days in a row complaining of the Upper Right Quadrant (URQ) pain.  I was finally told to come in to the office to be checked out.  I was in tears by the time I got to the office.  The pain was excruciating.  

I was given a stress test and had protein checked again, which was at a 2 at this point.  I was sent home without blood work being drawn and told to stay on strict bed rest only getting up to go straight to the bathroom and back.  For a week I laid on my couch in horrible pain, eating Tylenol every few hours.  I called the dr several times and was told to continue bed rest.  I finally could not take the pain anymore.  I went to the hospital, straight to the labor and delivery floor and told them what was going on.  My urine was a 3+ at this point.  My blood was drawn and came back seriously out of wack.  I only had 42,000 platelets!  I was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome and induced immediately.  I was given steroids, magnesium sulfate, and a platelet stabilizer.  45 minutes before delivery my platelets were down to 30,000!  My daughter was born at 35 weeks, perfectly healthy!  My health returned over the next 3 days.  I am a very lucky one!

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