Pre-eclampsia ONCE, TWICE but not a third!! :)

Post On Tuesday, April 22, 2014 By Kim

Pre-eclampsia ONCE, TWICE but not a third!! :)

I was 25 when I got pregnant with my first child. The 1st and 2nd trimesters were great then the unthinkable happend. I swelled up so bad that I could not get my shoes on and I just did not feel right.  I went to the doctor and my blood pressure was very high and out of control. My doctor sent me to the hospital and tried to induce me, did not work. I had protein in my urine and very high blood pressures. We delivered at 36 weeks via c-section and had a very healthy baby boy. I was started on magnesium IV. Talk about horrible!!! I thought I was dying and I was terrified!!! 2 years later I got pregnant again and miscarried.

Three years after the miscarriage I got pregnant again and the whole pregnancy was great!!! No high blood pressure, no protein etc. I was worried the whole time about getting sick again... but I thought I beat the odds. I had a precautionary scheduled c-section #2 @ 39 weeks. Again, I delivered another healthy baby boy!!! Still everything was great, stayed in the hospital 3 days was discharged to home. Then it happend, 2 days after being home, I swelled up like a balloon and my blood pressure skyrocketed and I just felt sick!! Called the doctor and he sent me straight to the ER. Again, protein in my urine and high blood pressures. I was diagnosed with post-partum preeclampsia and admitted with IV magnesium again. I thought it was bad the first time, it felt worse this time too. And the depression that goes with it by not being able to be with your baby. Soo sad! This time I was discharged on blood pressure meds. (Who would've thought this would happen AFTER the baby was born, usually you have to deliver to get rid of it??).

5 years later (2013-2014) I found out I was pregnant again! Instantly, fear overcame me. (My doctor advised not to have any more kids after the last pregnancy, I was considered HIGH RISK and I could seriously get ill or the baby could kil me).  My anxiety level was very high during this pregnancy. I had a new younger doctor, who advised me to take 81mg baby aspirin throughout this pregnancy and have another scheduled c-section at 39 weeks. I did what she told me and my blood pressures were great, no swelling and I made it all the way through this pregnancy without signs of pre e. At 39 weeks, I delivered a healthy baby girl and she is beautiful!!! Towards the end my blood pressure was elevated but no cause for concern and no protein in my urine. I am not sure if the aspirin prevented it or because she was girl but we BOTH survived the odds. She is now 2 1/2 months old and we are doing great!!

I have a medical history of autoimmune disease undifferentiated connective tissue disease and hypothyroidism. I am not sure if either play a role in pre-e, I have read that autoimmune does. I hope they find a cure for this horrible sickness, before my daughter has kids someday. Not sure if its hereditary,but I hope not. 


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