My battle with preeclampsia!

Post On Thursday, April 24, 2014 By Tara

My battle with preeclampsia!

I just wanted to share my story in hopes of helping others! I was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia right at 20 weeks with my first. I was put on meds to help control my bp but it steadily rose higher and higher. By 34 weeks I was admitted to the hospital on complete bed rest and to be monitored around the clock. I had pillows taped to my bed in case I had seizures and the highest I remember my blood pressure getting was 190/110.

At 34w5d the dr came in and told me that my urine protein levels were dangerously high and that we needed to get the baby out now. That was a Friday evening. They immediately induced me. I don't remember much of my labor because I was so drugged. I remember that the magnesium sulfate I was given made me incredibly sick though. I was in and out of consciousness. My husband was terrified.

Just after midnight on Sunday, they woke me up and told me to push. Soon after, my 4lb 7oz baby girl was born and rushed off to the NICU. I was exactly 35 weeks. I couldn't see my baby for about 2 days. I was so sick and miserable and my whole body was incredibly swollen. I was told I had about 6 liters of extra fluid. I couldn't even close my hand into a fist because I was so swollen. Thankfully my baby was perfectly healthy, just very small, and I had no lasting effects of the PE. What I want everyone to know is how dangerous preeclampsia can be. My doctors never told me how dangerous in can be and what the risks were, and I believe that was because they didn't want to frighten me. However, I wish I had known how serious it was so I could be more informed. It wasn't until after I delivered that I discovered that I could've had seizures, slipped into a coma, lost my life or lost my baby. I didn't even know what preeclamsia was until I had it! I don't say this to scare anyone, but so that they can educate themselves!

If I had known the dangers of PE I would've taken much better care of myself, and asked more questions. So educate yourself! If you get diagnosed with preeclampsia, ask questions! I just assumed that my dr would tell me everything I needed to know and would let me know if it was serious. I was wrong and being uninformed could've cost me my life. I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with my second child and so far, my bp and protein levels have been great!! I am still cautious and very nervous that I might develop PE again, but things are looking good and I'm optimistic. I wish there was more awareness about preeclampsia. I was completely clueless and didn't even know the gravity of my situation, and I don't want that to happen to others! Don't be afraid to ask questions and educate yourself!!


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