I lost my eye sight from preeclampsia

Post On Tuesday, May 06, 2014 By Susan

I lost my eye sight from preeclampsia

Hi my name is Susan I would like to share my daughter's story. My daughter is 19 years old, she complete high school last May, and had plan to go to collage in the fall. She met this guy after school had ended and falling madly in love with him and found out in September she was going to have a baby. She was so happy her eyes would light up when she talk about the baby. She went to all of her appointments at the OB-GYN office and gave a urine sample every time. She was thirty-three weeks and her last two appointments at the OB-GYN office they told her she had high blood pressure, and she saw two different doctors, but both doctors sent her out of the office without any medication. She also told them she was having a bad headache and spots in front of her eyes.

When she was thirty three weeks, she had to go to the hospital ER and they sent her right up to labor. They took her blood pressure and it was sky high and said she was having contractions and could hardly pick her body up and bleeding.The nurse said I'm not going to sidestep anything; we might have to do an emergency C-Section. They put her on a magnesium IV and gave her a pain shot for her contraction. They kept her in the hospital for two days.

She had a very high amount of protein in her urine and her reflex were very bad and was still bleeding. The nurse came in and said the doctor is sending you home on bed rest and high blood pressure medication. She was signing the papers to be released and had to go to the bathroom. When my daughter went to the bathroom and stood up she pass out; we had to pick her up off the floor and put her in bed. The nurse went into the bathroom and got the caught with the blood in it. She told my daughter to stay in the bed that she was going to call the doctor. The nurse came back in about two hours later and said the doctor said for you to go home on bed rest. I said to the nurse she is bleeding bad and the nurse responded that some women have periods when they are pregnant. The doctor said just stay in bed and take your medication.

Four days later she was back at the ER that took her upstairs and when she got there they said her blood pressure was sky high again and she was having contractions and every time she was having contraction the baby was not breathing; that the baby was in trouble and they were calling the doctor that she had to have an emergency C-SECTION. When the doctor got there they took her back to have a C-section it took about a hour. They took my daughter to her room ndput her on a pain pump. About one hour later they brought the baby in so my daughter could see her. Then they transported the baby to another hospital. The next day her vision was blurry and I told the nurse several times that day she did nothing. The next day it was the same so the doctor came in and said he was going to have a eye doctor come look at her. By the time the doctor came back in the room to tell her the eye doctor could not bring all of his testing things to the hospital she was blind. They sent my daughter home from the hospital blind and gave us no reason why she was blind.

They made a appointment for her on Monday to see a retina consultants and when he did her testing for two hours he came back in the room and told my 19 year old daughter she was BLIND and NEVER should of had a baby and she should feel lucky that she was alive. No one ever told her she had preeclampsia. I took her to the Eye Foundation and they also told us she would never see again. She was able to see her baby face one time cause of doctor's and a hospital's not paying any mind of what was going on. Please pray for my daughter and her baby.

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Posted On Monday, November 30, -0001 By Madison

My prayers and thoughts are with you. Thank you for sharing this. I am 11 weeks and already starting BP medicine (my BP is already high and I have kidney disease). I had no idea this could be something that might happen with preeclampsia. I am going to be EXTRA vigilant with my meds now. I want to thank you, and your daughter, for sharing your story and letting me know how serious this situation is. -Madison

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