HELLP and pre eclampsia at 19 weeks pregnant.

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HELLP and pre eclampsia at 19 weeks pregnant.

Hi my name is Eloise, I am 20 years of age. I found out I was pregnant in November 2013. I had a beautiful first few weeks, no sickness or any bad symptoms. It was NYE when I first started getting pains in my upper abdominal area, but I thought nothing of it so I got send home early from work and just relaxed. If anything, I though it was trapped wind or something pregnancy-related. Then it stayed away for a few weeks untill I reached 18 weeks and I got severe pains this time so my partner took me to A&E at 3 am for them to send me away with antibiotics for a water infection. Anyway, a week later jon came in from work about 12 at night and I wad curled up in pain again and I was vomiting violently so he took me to A&E again. This time we went at 1 am and I didnt get seen until 3 am. They did routine blood and urine test and they put me on a paracetamol drip for the pain.

About 6am a OB came in and started asking me loads of questions and told me I was being taken to the labour ward (which scared me). Once I got there I got the bad news, they told me it is a high chance I have developed HELLP syndrome and there is a low chance I could keep my baby. So I called Jon and told him to get back to the hospital asap. As soon as he got there they took me into a separate room and I had doctors surrounding me putting cannulars in and arterial lines to constantly monitor my BP (which had rocketed to 180/120 by then) I am then being told I am going to be put into an ambulance and I am going to have a blue light transfer to a hospital in oxford. Everything happened so quickly and I had so many drugs pumped into me I was oblivious to everything happening. When I got there I was sent straight for a mmr scan to check there wasnt any other underlying issues that could rule HELLP out but unfortunately after all the test and copious amounts of blood taken all they could see where signs of this horrendous syndrome that changed my life for the worst but also for the good (I will get back to the 'good' part).

I was told I had a very rare case, so rare it was seen in 0.38% of pregnancies. Unfortunately I had no choice other than to have a termination for medical reasons. When I say I had no choice, I could have carried on with the pregnancy but been bed bound. I had a high risk of dying during labour and my baby had a 99% chance of being majorly disformed and disabled. So I had my termination and met my beautiful baby girl and we named her Faith because she gave me faith for next time (as I was told I have a 60% chance of getting it again) and she has gave me faith in life. She changed my life for the best. She made me realise my self worth because if I died I wouldnt be able to bring her any brothers or sisters and there would be no memories of her. I think about her every day. She made me feel that I am worth something so I started going to the gym and eating less and I have lost 2 stone in 2 months. She have me dedication and motivation, so even though she isn't with us today I will thank her for the rest of my life, every day. I hope you all read this and realise that I had  terrible experience but I have a feeling it happened for a reason because without this I would never have changed my life for the better. Me and jon are trying again soon but I am so so scared. So please if anyone can get back to me and let me know if you have been given such  high percentage of it happening again and still had a normal pregnancy. I would appreciate the pep talk a lot. Rest in peace my little angel 18/2/14 <3

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