Second time around

Post On Friday, May 09, 2014 By Amy

Second time around

This was my second pregnancy. I had been diagnosed while in labor with my first, though luckily we were both fine! We were not expecting to have our second so soon. I was breastfeeding and taking the mini pill but 4 months postpartum I was pregnant again! I found out at nearly 10 weeks. Worst three things for a long while was heartburn, "morning sickness" (took Zofran), and my hip which was a pain during my first pregnancy seemed much worse this second time (helped to go to the chiropractor for a while then towards the last couple of months just dealt with it). This time it started around the 8th month. I was very swollen, my head tingled most of the time (which my midwife claimed was fluid-related from swelling), I just felt miserable with no energy and like I was physically exhausted constantly. It didn’t help that I was working so much and on night shift. From about my 33rd week (at least) on I was going to my midwife weekly. Each week the protein in my urine was more and more (though I couldn't tell you numbers). At two of my appointments during those last couple of weeks I was put on the monitor and then after a little while sent to the hospital and then home on bed rest until my next appointment. Then there was one other time that I felt especially bad after work one morning and called to get an appointment and that also resulted in going to the hospital to be watched closer for a day or two. Finally we decided to induce as soon as 37 weeks came. The morning of March 15th at 6:30 my midwife started Pitocin and broke my water. I was able to stay near the bed and not have to be in it as long as I was still on the monitor while the Pitocin was going. I think they turned that off closer to noon and things we going really well anyway. My blood pressure stayed good and baby was great. After the Pitocin was off I walked and walked the loop around the nursing station until closer to 4:00. Every half hour I had to return to the room to have baby’s heartbeat checked. Around 4:00 the pain got a lot worse and I stood in the shower for a short time. That felt good and helped until it progressed more to where nothing was going to ease the pain anymore. Despite how the pregnancy had gone or the fact that I was induced my goal was still no pain meds. Once the pain was about as bad as it was going to get I decided I might as well hop back in bed and wait out the last little bit which only ended up being at most half an hour more. My husband, the midwife, a nurse, and I were the only ones in the room which made it nice. I remember having more trouble getting her out which I think is because she wasn’t ready on her own. She came out weighing just over 6 pounds and healthy! She was very colicky for the first 2-3 months and that was rough. All in all I consider myself lucky a second time around that I am alive, well, and that things were not worse for either of us!! I am VERY thankful. But now when we question whether or not to consider having a third… My husband would like at least one more and in some ways I would too. For the excuses I could give the second pregnancy for being so much more miserable physically from having not lost the weight, not being as active, and not waiting longer in between pregnancies, I still worry that if I ever get pregnant again what if it is so much worse. Do I tempt fate one more time or do I say I’m alive and well as are my children and we should be thankful and quit? It bothers me to think about sometimes because I wish I knew an answer to why I even had it the other two times. My past medical history includes pyloric stenosis at 5 weeks, endometriosis (surgeries in 2005 and 2006) and now preeclampsia twice. I have never been extremely overweight (though I’m not as thin as would be ideal) and I consider myself fairly healthy when it comes to eating. I will be glad if one day they find out what causes preeclampsia and even better how to treat it for those who are diagnosed. I can’t imagine being induced so early like some are or worse losing a baby or my own life!! I truly am thankful and pray for others who may not be as well off!

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