going back one year later...

Post On Monday, June 02, 2014 By Amiris

going back one year later...

A day like today exactly one year ago I was in the hospital. I was 30 weeks pregnant and awaiting for a miracle to save our little boy's life. He only weighted 2.8 pounds. I remembered when my husband kneeled down by my bed's left side, hold my hand and we prayed together. That was the last prayer because God answered really quick. Doctors were only waiting for my health to get worst and that moment had arrived.

They started around 9:30 to do ultrasounds and after about two hours they realized that the baby wasn't moving as usual and that he had a better chance of surviving outside of my womb. My body started to shiver, I was scared because everything was happening so quick and also my life was at a very high risk too. God gave me the strength to wait. At one in the morning they started to get me ready for an emergency C-section at 12:00 a.m. they rushed me to the operating room. My blood pressure was about 240/101 (I was dead basically) and they had to take the baby out to save my life and try to save his life.

Being in the anesthesia process was the worst and scary for me. (not a big fan of epidural when you are scared and almost out of it). So they got me ready and they call my husband. I was looking up to the ceiling ( I could not really move anyways) and the nurse came to me to tell me that everything was going to be ok. There was a midwife with my other pregnancies that I trusted a lot, but she did not work for that hospital where I was and it was so weird that this nurse looked just like her (I thought I God had sent an angel to help me feel better). I looked at Daniel Sabo, and he says to me: "She look just like your midwife right?". I smiled.

So, they started with the surgery and our baby was born around 4:00 a.m. It was amazing, when I heard him cry so strong. He was so little but even though he could breath on his own. I gave him a kiss before they took him to his new home for the next 1 months/3 weeks... and there was the start of another journey for us. This year we have learned so much about the love God has for us and how he cares and we have learn to trust him in everything we do. We realize that it is only by his mercy and love that we are here. God is the miracle of life.

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