32 weeks

Post On Sunday, July 06, 2014 By cortney

32 weeks

My name is Cortney and durning my pregnancy, I had experienced extreme sleepiness and no urge to eat; I would sleep more then 12 hours at a time. After 29 weeks of testing, they came up with hypertension: I was order to be on bed rest. They immediately gave me the shot to jump start my daughter's lungs. And after 3 weeks of strict bed rest, I woke up for my doctors appointment: they took my b/p and it was 180/111. I was sent to the ER for more wonderful testing. And about 7:30 p.m they had to sign my life away and prepped me for an emergency c-section. All I can really remember is bursting out in tears and holding on to my mother, praying that my daughter was going to be ok. I knew we were about to have a long road ahead of my little family.  8:24 p.m my daughter was born. She was 3lbs 6ounces. 8 weeks early. She was underdeveloped specifically her lungs, and she was a very unhappy child. But any child coming into this world isn't happy. She's now 2 years old and a happy loving kid. If it wasn't for the great people at rvmc I don't think me or my daughter would have made it.

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