God's miracle

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God's miracle

I was 32 years old when my biological clock turned crazy and I had no other big dream than to have a little girl of my own. I was diagnosed with diabetes 6 years before and making 4 injections of insulin daily. I had quit smoking and tried to prepare my body for pregnancy, even if I knew very well the risks, being a doctor.

To get pregnant was the easiest thing in this story. Afterwards, I had bleeding, contractions, prolonged risk of miscarriage in the first and even second trimester... Lytic perfusions, bed repause, etc but what gave me strength was the constant doctor's message that my little baby -a girl, as I wished- was completely all right.

Beginning with the 19th week of pregnancy, my blood pressure started to raise constantly, despite the Initiation of medication-firstly, metildopa until maximal admitted doses then associated amlodipine. But anyway-on the first day of the 30 week, my blood pressure, proteinuria, the diffuze edema and the hard breathing became unacceptable and I was admitted to the hospital. The blood samples revealed all the signs of a rapidly evolving HELLP syndrome so it was decided to perform a caesarian section the same day, because of the primary risk of developping renal failure.

After my baby was born, having an incredible Apgar score of 9, despite her very low weight (only 1300 grams), I got a pulmonary edema which was difficult to manage even in the context of intubation and assisted ventilation but, finally, everything started to go slowly back to normal.

The only major problem my girl had, except from the prematurity itself, was a complete digestive intolerance which prevented her from being nourished with anything other than perfusions for more than one week. No chance for me to breastfeed her; I tryied to maintain my lactation but with no success at all. It was my major regret, that my girl couldn't benefit of at least one day of maternal milk.

Nevertheless, she grew up extremely well with the exception of a slight motion retardation, for which we had to perform kinetotherapy for almost 1 year. But now she is 6 and everything is all right.

My kidneys remaind proteinuric, a fact very probably influenced by the presence of diabetes mellitus. My blood pressure is high normal with no medication and low when taking small doses of irbesartan.

I wished a lot to have two children, since I was a single child, but all the data that I read from the literature stated about the very high risk of a recurrent preeclampsia, together with doubling the general cardiovascular risk so I decided not to take that risk. 

Moreover, as a cardiologist, recently I started a scientific protocol investigating tge cardiac function in preeclamptic women, before and after giving birth, in order to get a better image concerning the global cardiac risk for these patients.

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