preeclampsia on three

Post On Sunday, July 20, 2014 By Veronica

preeclampsia on three

I had a normal first pregnancy but I swelled towards my third trimester my doctor was not concerned he said it was normal I delivered my son at 39weeks and 4days he was healthy but I keep swelling so my doctor prescribed me water pills and I was released. Then I got pregnant 3 years later I was good until I was 34weeks I started gaining alot of weight but I didn't feel swollen but my blood pressure was at135/90 the doctor wasn't concerned so I had an appt.

Two weeks later when I was on my way to the doctor's appt I was having a hard time breathing so when my blood pressure was taken it was at 150/99 so the nurse had me lay down for an hour then check my blood pressure it was at 175/99 so when my urine was check I had protein so my doctor sent me to the hospital then did a 24 hour urine at the hospital so he had to induce me right away and he put me one three different meds and I had my daughter the next day thank god she was healthy.

Now I am on my third pregnancy and my doctor put me on bedrest at home at 36weeks because I only show protein in my urine so he sees me once a week and go to the hospital twice a week now he sending me to a surgery tomarrow hopfully everything is well with the baby now I am 37 as of tomorrow. 

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