My preeclampsia story

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My preeclampsia story

So it started out really great I had no morning sickness, felt great, nothing to worry about. Then at about 28 weeks I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and asked my husband if my face looked weird. He just said no. Well on my way to work I met my dad. He looked at me and said "I don't like the way yoyou look I think you should call your dr". Being that my dad always thinks the worst of everything I didn't pay much attention.  Then I got to work. Workmate #1 "you look tired". Workmate #2 "something is wrong with your eyes". Boss (my brother) "what'd wrong with you?". 

So to make everyone happy I called my dr. She told me to find the nearest pharmacy and take my blood pressure.  It was 146/76 (not very high but my normal is 105/55). Since she was in the hospital she told me to come in and have myself checked out. All blood work came back ok. So I was put on bed rest and ordered to see my Dr and a specialist once a week. 

At 32 weeks I went to the specialist for my weekly visit.  And I told her I've been seeing spots floating in my vision.  So she checked my reflexes. They were not ok. I was sent to labor & delivery.  

From that point it just one big blur.  I was put on magnesium.  Then on oxygen.  Then at 6am the next morning they told me I would need a c-section asap. At about 3 pm my daughter was born 3lb 2oz. She was in the nicu for 18 days and is now perfectly healthy. 


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