My preeclampsia story

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My preeclampsia story

My whole pregnancy i was very healthy. I ate all organic foods, I made sure I had my 3 cups of veggies and 2 cups of fruit a day (at least) I went to all my prenatal appointments on time, took all my prenatal vitamins on time, made sure I ate every couple hours a little something so I could feed baby, etc. The one thing I didn't stick to was excersisng. I was on my feet for 8 hours at day as a chef and I ran back and forth back and forth in the big kitchen. By the tine I got home the last thing in the world I wanted to do was walk some more. Now thinking back I wish I would have to stay in better shape.

We lived in Calif orbit at the time and decided when I was 32 weeks pregnant we wanted to move back to Pennsylvania to be with family before the baby arrived. 2 weeks prior I got my okay from my OB to fly and everything was fine and normal just as it had been the entire pregnancy. We flew into Pennsylvania on a Saturday night. My brother picked us up and we stayed with him at his house. We had a lot to unpack and a lot of baby things to set up as well. The next day was Sunday and we didn't get much unpacked because we had to do a big grocery shopping since my brother being a bachelor did not have much food. I remember I had to drive one of those sit down things with the cars attached because my feet were SO swollen. The thing is my feet had been pretty badly swollen for about a month or two prior but oddly enough when I went to work in the morning and walked around a lot the swelling reduced a lot. On Monday morning I had my appointment to see my new OB and it had been only 2 weeka after seeing my California OB. I was excited and obviously a little stressed from the move so when they told me my blood pressure was elevated I didn't think much of it. Until the also told me I had +2 protein in my urine.. I started crying and they told me they were going to send my over to Labor and delivery to be monitored for awhile. My partner and I stayed there for about 8 hours just laying on the bed hooked up to the baby monitors around my belly and getting my blood pressure checked every so often. After what seemed like forever, the sent me home to do a 24 hour urine which I started the next morning. Came back after the 24 hours to drop off the urine and had a follow up appointment with my OB the day of. 

Unfortunately my blood pressure remained high and I had spilled 3.14 grams of protein in my 24 hour urine. I was sent to labor and delivery this time on bed rest and was told I couldn't leave until the baby was born. They told me the goal was to get my to 34 weeks and then they would induce me. I was only in the hospital 3 days though it felt like forever! I wasn't sure how coming in every half hour to take someone's blood pressure and blood was suppose to help the patient remain calm but everything was the total opposite. The bells would alarm constantly because my blood pressure was too high, I was hooked up all over with the baby monitors, a catheter , leg compresses to regulate blood flow, and iv which I was on magnesium sulfate to prevent seizures.. And then when my blood pressure wouldn't go down even being on Labatelol and Nifidipine they would inject doses of Labetalol (I think it was) directly into my veins. My blood work never became a concern just my blood pressure and protein levels.. the morning I was 33 weeks the doctor came in and woke me up telling me we had to deliver the baby. I had a pounding headache that would not get better and they told me it would be to dangerous to wait to be induced. I had an emergency c section and my daughter came out at 4 lbs 2.7 oz and was overall healthy thank God. I had received the steroid shots to help with her lungs prior which I believe helped. She was in the Nicu for 12 days and I stayed admitted into the hospital a week after delivery due to high blood pressure issues continuing. After 8 months my blood pressure is still elevated so I have to take 60mg of Nifidipine every day to keep it under control. I wonder if I didn't take that plane ride hand stressed over the move if anything would have happened the way It did.. I want to have more children but am very scared.

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