My struggle with pre-eclampsia

Post On Sunday, September 14, 2014 By Courtney

My struggle with pre-eclampsia

During my 25 week midwife appointment, my urine sample picked up a trace of protein - not enough to be concerned of she said. My blood pressure pre-pregnancy, lower number around 60-70, at this stage it was 92, once again I was told not high enough. During the upcoming weeks I was suffering my severe headaches, spots in my eyes and awful swelling. I was back and fourth 4/5 sometimes more, to my local day assessment unit to have full blood counts, urine checks and blood pressure checks. It came back that my platelet count in my bloods were very low. I then got diagnosed with thrombocytopenia, although I shown every other symptom of pre eclampsia they still didn't diagnose it. I was sent to the DAU every day from 27 weeks pregnant, with no change. Christmas Eve 2013 I got there at 8:30am for the usual checks, my blood pressure was /110. They wanted to keep me in for the duration of my pregnancy and prescribed labetalol to help keep my blood pressure down. Within ten minutes it had lowered to /98. They allowed me to go home until Christmas Day, have my dinner and then come back in. 

On the 10/01/2014 I went in for my normal checks, everything was 'fine' so they sent me into the waiting room whilst the Dr finished writing in my maternity notes book. My partner gave me a ham sandwich as I hadn't eaten all day. Within taking three bites I felt very odd.. I sat down and my head started spinning, my partner ran and got a midwife to come check me, /130 so off she ran and got a Dr, not even five minutes later it had creeped to /143. I was put into a wheelchair with a drip in my hand and whisked up to the delivery suite. The main registar came in and prescribed me a higher form of blood pressure beta blocker to get my number down. Within 3 hours I had attempted a natural labour which failed and got rushed down to delivery suite as it was very touch and go, for myself and my child. 

On the 11th of January, I gave birth with the help of forceps to a tiny 5lb premmie boy who is my absolute world. 

From my very first 'symptom' I knew I had pre eclampsia, Dr after Dr kept telling me I was being imaginative, or my mind was running away 'with the fairies'. Promptly I was asking why such a rush, what happened and what had gone wrong to no response. Finally, when my son was 6 days old a Dr finally had the courage to tell me my suspicions were correct and I did in fact have severe pre eclampsia. 

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