two fetal death

Post On Thursday, September 18, 2014 By faith

two fetal death

My name is Faithfulness. I am 27 years old. Here is my story of struggling to be a mother. Life has tortured me to the maximum; I have cried day and night just trying to be a mother. To cut the story short, I first got pregnant when I was 23 years, but at 32 weeks, I remember very well, i had gone just for a checkup and the doctor told me that the baby's heart isn't beating. To me I didn't understand what it met at all, because I thought I was dreaming, but later I was told it was due to preeclampsia. It was my first time to hear such a word but it left me with the pain that I can't explain even if I try. But I thought it won't ever happen to me again, but the second time, it was more terrible because I was supposed to have my baby on Friday and on Wednesday, I developed severe pain and bleeding. Just find out that the baby is gone and it was due to placenta abruption. Please people I need help cause am pregnant again but our doctors back home in my country can't help enough.

I don't need hurting, comment please.

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