My story part 1

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My story part 1

My story starts 13 years ago: O was 16 and pregnant coming from a big family myself I never saw myself having kids, but there I was 16 and pregnant. Of course being so young, I had my mom's help with going to Dr appointments and helping get ready for what was to come.

Around 20 weeks I started to have back pain. When I went to the Dr they said I might have a small bladder infection and sent me on my way. On my next visit, my blood pressure was really high. They stuck me in a dark room and told me to relax for a while. 30 min later, they took my blood pressure again and it only went down a little. My doctor sent me up to labor and delivery. There they started running test and an hour later the DR told me and my mom that I would not be leaving and that I needed to be admitted, then transferred to a bigger hospital due to that if they had to do a emergency delivery on me they were not equip to handle such a premature baby.

Later on that night I was transferred by ambulance to Fresno community hospital. As soon as I got there, they stuck all kind of monitors on me, IVs, you name it, I had it on me. The next morning the DR came in and intercede himself and told me that he believed that I had HELLP. He then told me that I would remain in the hospital till I was at least 30 to 32 weeks so that I could give my baby a chance.

Two weeks later, on August 29 around 11 pm, I was already asleep. The next thing I knew three nurses came running in to my room telling me to get on my side and giving me a oxygen while I was sleeping. My baby's heart rate was dropping fast and after that it seemed I was rushed to the OR where they did an emergency c section. On August 30 2001, my little baby girl was born. She weighed 2 1/2 ounce. When I heard her cry it was the loudest noise I had ever heard come out of something so small. Then everything was dark.

When I woke, the dr told me that when they were closing me up my body started to go in to shock, so they put me to sleep but that I was OK and that my baby girl was even better. She was perfect, just really small, and he was right my daughter was only in the hospital for three weeks and released. She still was small at only 3.8 pounds but the Dr said she only needs to gain weight and she can do that better at home. When I was released the Dr told me that he really suggested that even though I was young not to have any more children due to the high risk.

Today natalia is a smart, beautiful 13 year old teenager. 

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