Not understanding pre eclampsia

Post On Friday, October 24, 2014 By kelly

Not understanding pre eclampsia

I found out I had pre eclampsia during my 28 week check up. Midwife noticed my blood pressure was higher than usual, checked my urine and there was protein in it. Her quick thinking got me admitted to our local hospital to be monitored. 

My blood pressure went up to 170/120 on day 4 of being in hospital, I was then transferred 45 minutes away to another hospital because the hospital I was in did not take baby's born under 30 weeks in their Scbu. On 29/09/2014 I was told after having an ultra sound that my baby had to be delivered that night by emergency section.

The full effect of pre eclampsia set in on the Sunday night to early Monday morning. I was told the day after my emergency section that I had full blown kidney failure and that my platelets had dropped to a drastic level which is why I wouldn't clot after having the section. 

It is was a scary 5 days from going for a routine check up to having your baby in a matter of days. I can't get my head round it now what my husband and I have gone through in the last four weeks. I am grateful for my midwife's quick thinking to getting me admitted to hospital.

I hope other women can be diagnosed sooner rather than later because I believe this disease is a deadly killer. I did not have any of the symptons to say I was suffering with pre eclampsia. 

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