My Preeclampsia and Nicu story

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My Preeclampsia and Nicu story
Well I guess I should start my labor story on Jan 7 2013 at 32w2d. It was a normal work day and I had a dr appt for the start of my 2x weekly NSTs. At the appt my BP was 175/99. Started the NST but couldn't keep baby on monitor. Had a u/s and she was sleeping but "breathing". Rechecked my BP and it was 169/100. Sent straight to hospital direct admitted for 24 hour urine and blood draws. Received the first of 2 steroid shots. Was on continuous fetal monitoring with bathroom privileges.
On Wed morning the first resident told me my levels were high but I could probably be treated as a outpatient. I was excited. Fast forward a few hours and the attending comes in. My levels were like 750. Gonna have to stay in hospital to be monitored and deliver at 34 weeks. I cried. Only good thing is the monitor came off and only had to do 2 NST a day.
So the next week and a half dragged on of blood draws and U/S' to measure growth and such. Plus an increase of BP meds because they were still kinda high with the threat of delivering even earlier.
At midnight Thursday I went over to L&D to begin my induction. I was given mag for BP and started on antibiotics for GBS.
I was only 1cm and 50%.
1am-first round of cytotec
5am-another round
9am-and a 3rd.
I made it to 3cm and still onlt 50% so they started the Pit.
Around 4pm I believe they tried the foley bulb was only in for about and hour and went to 4cm but still 50%
Broke my water at 5pm and placed internal uterine monitor.
Epidural at 930pm and sometime around there placed internal fetal.
Throughout the whole night, Dylan stayed at -3 station and I only made it to 5cm and 70% so at 730ish am they called in "failure to progress" and decided a c-section would be best. Plus she was having decells.
After 33 hours of labor, Dylan Josephine was born at 34w1d at 8:57 am on January 19, 2013. Sharing a birthday with her uncle, who was so excited.
My chunky preemie was
6lbs 10oz
19.5 inches
She only needed CPAP for a few minutes right after birth. She's been on room air from the beginning. She was in the isolette and under bili lights for about a week, her IV came out around the same time. 
She was a lazy eater with a weak suck and bad latch in the beginning.  On Sat 2/23 at 39w1d, they pulled her ng tube and let her eat ad lib. On Wed 2/27 at 39w5d, we were discharged! Two days before my due date.
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