Preeclampsia at 30 weeks

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Preeclampsia at 30 weeks

My story begins the Saturday morning my phone went off saying today I was 30 weeks. I was so excited. I remember thinking I am 30 weeks my baby can live on her own if she had to. Was that a curse that I thought that way or way I just being a paranoid mom to be. No one very tells you the day you find out your pregnant is the day you start to worry about your child for the rest of your life. I had not even met her but I was already so protective of her. From about 20 weeks I started to swell really bad in my legs and hands. My doctor did not seem to be concerned. I was, but I thought well maybe I was just being really sensitive. My mother, mother in law and sister were concerned as well on how much swelling was going on so early in the pregnancy. But I just kept trying to calm everyone, even me by saying the doctor says everything is ok. I knew though something was not right. I did not feel well my entire pregnancy. I thought that maybe the morning sickness would pass it never did. I was throwing up the entire 30 weeks I was carrying my daughter. I also though, maybe I am just going through a lot.

My father had passed unexpected and sudden when I was 3 months pregnant. I was very close to my father to say the least. So trying to deal with a loss and a baby coming was very emotionally difficult. But the weeks went on and the swelling kept getting worse. The swelling was so bad that my skin would hurt, because it was just stretched to the max. Shoes did not fit anymore. I had to wear flip flops and those were starting to no longer fit. I went to the doctor that Thursday before I was 30 weeks. They did blood work and I peed in the cup and I asked once again about my swelling that it was so bad and painful. I had also weighed in at 200 pounds. I got pregnant at 150. My normal weight is 142. The nurse seemed concerned at this point she was like I will bring the doctor in. The doctor came in and she was like no everything is ok. I was like ok. Well I guess then I am ok. But I did not feel ok.

I never got a call from the nurse that week saying anything was wrong with my blood or urine so I assumed everything was ok. So Thursday I went home took a bath like I did every night to try and reduce the swelling. I was in the bath and I could barley make it in time to the toilet to throw up. I got out and went to bed after all that. I was beat. I called my sister the next day concerned that I was throwing up twice a day now. She said you are probably just tired. I was still working as well at this time. I took my lunch in the break room and a lady asked me if I had felt her kick a lot lately. I thought about it and I was like no she has been pretty quite. [Now that think back that was a sign as well something was wrong a long with the swelling and vomiting.] I was not. I can feel her like move but not kick. So Saturday rolled around I laid in bed all day like I had been doing pretty much my entire pregnancy. Not really eating much since I was so nauseous. But my husband came home from our nephew’s football game and brought me home a milk shake. I was like that actually sounds yummy.

I went to go drink it at the table and I was feeling these pains in my lower back and stomach. I thought well maybe it is just gas. But they would go and come. So it was making me very nervous so I called my sister again. I told her what was going on and she was like is it gas. I was like I have no idea the pain is pretty painful. I was like should I go to the ER. She was like try and lay back down and in the morning if it was still bad go to the ER. Well I passed gas a few times and I though that was what was wrong. So now it is Sunday. We went to breakfast I ate and it stayed down. The rest of the day I laid in bed. That was about it. Monday rolls around, I get up and get ready for work. I remember, I was like I just want to call in sick. But I did not I threw that morning again chalked it up to I was tired and went to work. At work I felt terrible all morning. We went to a birthday lunch and I could not even eat my food. I just guzzled my tea and water I was really thirsty. Then on the way back I started feel faint and started to see like stars. I though it was because we were in the heat. I live in Texas our summers are 100 degrees.

I email my friend who has a blood pressure machine and said I was gong to stop by. I drove to her house after work and walked in and she hooked me up to it. The first reading was 210/180. She was like I have no idea what that means we goggled it and she was like we need to go the ER now. Her husband was there. He was like just sit for a second and let’s do a second reading. The second reading was 230/190. So I called my doctor and they rushed me to labor and delivery. I had not idea what was going on. I did not know what preeclampsia was. They hooked me up to an IV with Magnesium Sulfate and then an IV for fluids. Took a whole bunch of blood work and gave me a steroid shot in my butt. I thought I was just going to be able to go home after all this. I thought they could reverse what was going on. I mean, I was only 30 weeks and 3 days. There is no was I was having the baby today. Right? Boy was I wrong. As time they started ultra sounds and wanting me to fill out paper work to deliver the baby and transfer me to another hospital. The hospital I was at they could not handle my delivery or the care for the baby. They did not know how she was going to come out. So its midnight and all my negotiations ran out of trying to talk my way out of not having her today. My condition was getting worse so they knew I had to get transferred. The ambulance came and the transferred me to a larger Memorial Herman Hospital.

I remember my mom saying that she is going to be born on my father’s birthday. I did not know at that point if it was a curse or a blessing. I know, now it was a blessing but then I was terrified I was going to lose my daughter. I did not know how she was gong to look, or sound or what lied ahead for us. They got me prepped for surgery she came out with a little cry and 2 pounds 13 ounces. They rushed her to the NICU and I went into recovery. I was in recovery for a few hours and out of it. So when I came to they told me she was ok, that she came out breathing on her own. This was a miracle. They said they would put her on oxygen for 24 hours to just be safe. My daughter was a fighter. Born at 30 weeks and 4 days she was in pretty good shape. She just needed to gain weight and grow. We had a few bumps in the road during our 7 week stay in the NICU. But she fought threw it and now you would never know that she was born only 2 pounds and 13 ounces.

Life after the baby came and the pregnancy is over. It was hard. Heeling from a very traumatic experience was hard. It took me almost two years to start to feel like myself. I have read some articles and they call it post traumatic stress disorder. Some my think it is silly and not believe that you could have it from just having a baby. But when are faced with such a traumatic experience where your life and your child is endangered it is hard not to relive those thoughts. It was very hard for me. Also then having to leave your child for 7 weeks is very difficult. You also carry around the guilt was it me, was it my body. Was it something I could have prevernted. Not to mention harder to lose the baby weight and get back to your old self. I have had to have therapy to help me and it has. I think also just allowing to allow yourself to heal. It takes time. I also feel my original doctor was at fault and I feel that this may have been prevented. I feel like she never listened to me. I also have a role in this. I should have trusted my self and my body. I should have listened to my body when it was telling me something was not right. You as a women know you body better than anyone and if you think something is not right then get a second opinion. My story may be no different than anther mothers but if it can raise awareness then one more story is heard. I have been told I have a 25% of my second child being born at or before 30 weeks. Some may say well at least it is 25%. But that scares me. I do not want to go through all of this again. So if we could one day find out what triggers or what causes that would be helpful. Then at least you would not what to do to prevent it or what to stay away from. But I for know am very lucky to have today my daughter Savannah Alexis Johnson. A very free spirited girl.

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