Preeclampsia after Pregnancy

Post On Tuesday, December 02, 2014 By Michelle

Preeclampsia after Pregnancy

Even though it has been nine years since my last pregnancy and bout with preeclampsia, I have never truly gotten over the scare of it all. I was lucky, my babies came early, they survived and thrived. I was blessed to have a husband who is a pediatrician and knew that he needed to rush me to my doctor. I am lucky that when I woke up at home, choking on my own saliva and feeling a "zing"- I don't know how else to describe it- I recovered. Please trust your instincts! This is my advise to whoever may read this. Lying in my hospital bed May 31, 2000 with my five pound little man in my arms, I just "didn't feel right." I never once had high blood pressure in my life, usually on the low side of normal, 100/60. The nurse took my pressure and it was 130/80 and I remember telling her that it was high for me, she insisted that all woman have higher blood pressures after giving birth. I repeatedly told her that I was not feeling good, still they insisted that I was "fine." The very next day, I was not "fine." I awoke to an awful feeling in my own bed. I felt so swollen, I looked in the mirror and had red blotches all over my neck, I weighed myself and was ten pounds heavier, my eyes wouldn't focus, I had the most horrible headache of my life, and I was scared. I had no idea what was wrong, but something was definitely wrong! Like I said before, my husband was a pediatrician, he took one look at me and said sit down. He came back with his blood pressure cuff and stethoscope and then proceeded to take my blood pressure THREE times, because surely his wife could not have a bp of 185/110. Off to the doctor, all three of us. I was placed on bed rest and Procardia. It took 6 weeks for all to return to normal. I was lucky. Fast forward 16 months, Our second little boy was born. I was placed on bed rest at week 16 because of preterm labor. He roasted for a total of 34 weeks. He weighed in at 6 lbs-6oz. I did not have preeclampsia! Fast forward four years...pre-term labor, bed rest at 10 weeks, in and out of hospital 7 times, delivered a happy, healthy 7 lb-2oz baby boy! Then, as they are about to release me 48 hours later, the headache, the blurriness, the swelling...again. This time they kept me for 5 days, released me on bed rest and Procardia once again. Then came the stern warning: "You had a nasty case of preeclampsia and we recommend not having any more children." I will take that recommendation. God has blessed us with three beautiful, healthy, smart boys and I want for nothing more. Good luck to all the pregnant ladies out there, this is a story of awareness and trust in those around you, but mostly of yourself!

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