Twins & beating death

Post On Sunday, December 07, 2014 By Ashley

Twins & beating death

I had a normal healthy pregnancy, excited I was having the first set of twins in my family. At the end of my second trimester I was so miserable and uncomfortable (I was only 98 lbs when I got pregnant) that my doctor put me on bed rest. I noticed one of the babies wasn't moving much but all the doctors and ultrasounds showed 2 happy healthy babies but put me on the kick-count. Two nights later my husband takes me to the hospital where they find extremely high BP and I'm about to have a.seizure. For 4 days I'm on constant supervision, magnesium and steroids. On the 5th day I am 32 weeks to the day. I missed my baby shower. Since they cannot stabilize me they take me into emergency surgery. I was so excited to meet my babies finally. First, they mess up my spinal, I thought no big deal. But half way through surgery right before the first baby comes out..I start reacting to the anesthesia that makes me super sick and I start going in and out out consciousness. And I basically bled out too... Second, first baby wasn't breathing, took a few seconds to get him started..but both were very healthy and ineffective by the sickness. Both weighing 3 lbs So they stitch me up, I was so it of it I didn't realize I met the babies. After surgery, even hours after, I couldn't sit up without passing out and I was still throwing up from the anesthesia. The nurse tried to get me up to try to see by myself but I couldn't stay conscience, still trying to have seizures. I couldn't go down to NICU to see the babies for at least 2 days because I was so weak. My BP was still going haywire. When I was finally able to see them for the first time I was to weak to hold them and was still having trouble staying awake. I spent a total 3 weeks in the hospital, going home a week before the babies could. A few days after surgery, I got a uterine infection that took 48 hour IV. After, my body rejected the staples (causing another infectiin). Then a very rare thing BP was so high for so long I actually went blind, my blood vessels t my eyes were clamped shut and died. The damage was done, no treatment and no going back. I finally got a blood transfusion and started feeling better. For 8 weeks after surgery I still had to see a specialist for my incision, I had blood clots that weren't draining and the wound had to be packed so it could heal from the inside. My eyes are still healing slowly. I can't be on most medications now due to my heart (BP) but I'm learning to adapt. The doctors say I'm lucky to be alive. I'm just grateful my babies were not harmed

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