The loss of my daughter

Post On Wednesday, December 10, 2014 By Elizabeth

The loss of my daughter

I am a physician and the mother of a 2 year old daughter born after a long struggle with infertility. I really believed that planning our second child for 18 months later would be a second infertility treatment success. I thought I had endured as much hardship as a young mother could be dealt in her family building journey. But at just 16 weeks, I snuck a peek at my baby while at work with a colleague who was similarly pregnant. Her baby nicely displayed his gender identifying parts to us on the ultrasound. Mine was very difficult to see; there seemed to be very little amniotic fluid. Frustrated, I mentioned it at my routine prenatal appointment. And suddenly we were off to the specialists. Over the next 3 weeks, as my blood pressure and urine protein rose, my baby stopped growing, developed kidney failure, failed to produce lung cavities, had a stroke, and was deemed not viable in the outside world. At nearly 22 weeks, I developed severe preeclampsia and we had to deliver her, where she lived just 12 minutes. Five days later, my headaches returned and I found the Preeclampsia Foundation website. I read about postpartum preeclampsia. I called my doctor and went back to the hospital for repeat Mag treatment for postpartum preeclampsia. Even as a physician , I was blindsided by postpartum preeclampsia. I thank the Preeclampsia Foundation for their education. I was left with chronic hypertension, which I now watch and treat closely.  I was helped then and I believe that due to the Foundation's sponsored research we will be able to give my daughter a healthy sibling in the future.  

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