I Will Always Wonder...

Post On Sunday, December 14, 2014 By Abbey

I Will Always Wonder...

On October 23, 2014 I woke up that morning with a horrible headache. I was debating about heading to school, since I'm 21 going to Western Kentucky University to graduate with an Environmental Health degree in May 2015. With the horrible headache I was having I decided to call my fiancés mom, an RN, for her to come check my blood pressure. When she came to check it, it was 220/170. So we got in the car to head to the doctor. However on the way over my life took an unexpected turn. I started having a seizure that lasted 6 minutes. I don't hardly remember much from there... the ambulance was called and they met my family on the road to rush me to the OB ER. From there, I was still not fully with everything but they told our family our sweet baby boy was no longer alive. We were 29 weeks into our first pregnancy and never had any symptoms of preeclampsia. My fiance and I were susuppose to get married in 2 days, not to be in the hospital delivering our bundle of joy we couldn't wait to meet. After staying in the hospital for 5 days I finally got to head home. Just my fiance and me.... I am so blessed to still be here today after the doctors say they are surprised I didn't have a stroke. Not a day goes by we don't think about our baby Easton. We can't wait to see him in the streets of heaven one day. Sometimes God has to close chapters of his book early because some babies are just too beautiful for Earth. 

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