First pregnancy and I get HELLP .

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First pregnancy and I get HELLP .

My pregnancy was going great aside from the major feeling of nausea and I was having even the zofran I was taking only helped a little.  My doctor told me it was find and it will go away. I was 8-9weeks along when I found out and I was feeling like this for at least a week or two. But I was okay otherwise, my doctor says everything looking great and I was happy and then came time to start planning for the baby and finding out the sex of my bundle of joy.  IT IS A BOY !!! We were totally excited and then I started to have back pain and I was sleeping a lot and had head aches and my feet were killing me. I just said that was because I was working and being on my feet and then the nerve pain in the butt had started. I was about 6months pregnant at this pain and I felt like I was a whale lol and then in September of 2011 I was having contractions and I'm like okay theses are bh like they told you bracken hicks will get you body ready and I still great with my doctor vists and then in November I started to have some serious cramping and I called the doctor ob call said I'm cramping and I went at least twice in one week and they sent me home I had had problems with staying hydrated in my pregnancy I had to go like 4-5 times because I would drink so much water but I always end up being dehydrated.  That was what I had thought was they case and so I went in on November 22 with my sister she drove me because the cramping came back and I had some on the 18th as well so we went and they said I was fine and I said something is not right I know it they said this is your first baby and we understand you maybe scared and want to make sure he okay but he is great and there are no indicators so we can't keep you here . On November 24, 2011 at 2pm I couldn't eat, drinkor anything and my back was killing to tge point I started to cry and mind you this is thanksgiving day and I'm with my family and they're all looking at me like what is wrong. And so my husband and I left after like 4pm and I went home and my belly was hurting so bad and we called the hospital yet again and im screaming in pain and they're saying get her to stop screaming and crying and calmed down for her and baby.  Lol if they had only knew what the pain felt like.  I slept on the couch it was the only place I could sleep and get comfy and be able to breathe (I have asthma and had a hard time laying flat at 6 months.) And that night I was just getting really sick so it was I good thing I slept by the kitchen. The next day I felt okay and kissed husband and off to work he went not really wanting to leave me. He left and I was feelingreally good so I ate some cereal because mini wheat was one thing I could keep down in the past if I got I made the bowl and was going to the table and felt a little dizzy so I sat and got all my balance and everything back and then my stomach just got really hard and so I was no longer hungry anymore so I went slowly crawling to the couch too afraid to walk and got to the couch and laidback and was having so much pain and I called the hospital again and I said I'm having a hard time breathing through this pain and my belly is sooo hard and I can't keep anything down and I think something is wrong because he hasn't moved since last night. It's November 25,2011 and so I call the hubby and say hunny I need you now or I will see you at the hospital because I will call a ems and so he left work and drove home got me and we're heading to the hospital and everything is hurting and I'm again getting sick and trying to breathe because I have pain and its pushing up in my chest. We get there and see how I can't make it in through the doors without almost kneeling and  they're trying to help and we get all the paperwork done and I get to sit for 10minsand I'm trtrying not to scream here and I'm send my husband up every two minutes and then I get in and then they chek me and I'm dilated to 1 and they ask for a urine sample and I'm peeing DARK BROWN and my bp is extremely high and I can't breathe so I get a mask and some pain meds to help ease the pain and the doc finally comes inand by this point I saw few people and then he says you staying because your going to have you baby emergency C-section because if I had wait any longer me and my son would have died. So I'm being told tjis and the meds must had made it easier to hear because I couldn't actually freak out because I was too excited to know the pain had gone down sooooo much. It was a 20 before and how it was a 3 and as they say how everything going to happen my husband is trying to be strong and not worry then they say we havr to do it soon and there is a chance she or the baby may not make. The next day comes and I'm in surgery and I had a complication and almost stopped breathing on the table and I'm also starting to wake up from when they put me under and so they put me back under after almost pulling my tube out and then my son was born at 10:52am healthy and 9lbs .

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