Miracle Milan

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Miracle Milan

The evening of June 30, 2014, while 32 weeks pregnant with my daughter, I was experiencing slight pain in the upper quadrant of my stomach, which was there from the night before. I thought to go to a Patient First center in our area but by the time my husband got home from work it was close to 10pm and the centers were about to close. So my husband called around to see if anything else was open but to no avail. I was so tired so I thought I would just go to bed and deal with it in the morning. My husband was very concerned and urged me to go to the ER just in case. So I forced myself to get out of bed, listen to him and go to the ER. After waiting for what seemed like forever, I get checked in, get blood work and a sonogram done. At first, everything was pretty routine, the nurse asked all the general questions, and I began to wait for the doctor to come in. Once he did, I felt like something was wrong, it was the look on his face. He told me my bloodwork came back and I had preeclampsia so they needed to send me to labor and delivery right away. I was like, "what? labor and delivery?" I had heard of preeclampsia before but not quite clear of what it was. They sent me up and immediately begin hooking me up to machines, I'm completely confused and scared.

The nurse asks if I have anyone with me and I told her no I need to call my husband, we live a few minutes away, he's with our son. The doctor then tries explaining to me what's happening. "Mrs. Flateau, you have a severe case of preeclampsia, your blood pressure is high, your platelet levels are low and your liver is in jeopardy of shutting down. This is harmful to both you and the baby, we have to approach this as quickly and as safely as we can so that no further harm is caused. If we do not act quickly, your life and your baby's life are at risk. So we will have to deliver your baby today." I immediately freak out, I can't believe this! "Is my baby ok? " The nurses begin telling me to calm down and try to explain that the baby was fine but that I was sick and in order to ensure the baby remains ok, they have to deliver her. I'm hysterical so the nurse has to take my phone to call my husband. It felt like he immediately walked through the door. Shortly after, my mother, then father arrived. The doctor said they would have to perform a c-section and they would have to put me fully under anesthesia. Due to the severity of it, my husband could not be in the room with me during the surgery. Within that hour, a c-section was performed and our Milan was born. She was 2 lbs, 2 oz but I was told she came out breathing on her own and was very strong. Once I came to, my husband showed me pictures of her and told me she fine. She was beautiful! Due to my pressure and blood levels remaining at a high level, I had to stay in labor and delivery until the next day. I did not get to see Milan until the following night once I was finally released and sent to the mother/child unit. I remained in the hospital through the week and our baby girl had a 43 day stay in the NICU.

Today, Milan is 8 months, weighing 13.5, healthy and absolutely gorgeous! I thank God for all He's done. He brought us through. And to think, I was going to just go to bed that night. Never could I have imagined that this is how we would have brought our daughter into the world. With such a tramatic experience, we are still just thankful for our little miracle, Miracle Milan. 

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