I was lucky

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I was lucky

I became pregnant in 2013. I did not know I was pregnant until month 3 that I missed my period and I started getting sick. I had a lot of morning sickness. I would vomit a lot and I couldn't eat the foods that I use to eat. I wasn't attracted to no sorts of foods. The only thing I could say I liked were fruits: I was in love with grapes and bananas and they did not make me feel sick. I would have to visit the emergency room very often, for reasons like my baby wasn't moving, I would start vomiting at 1pm and it would be 230am and I will still be vomiting so I would have to get shots to stop the vomit and also Rogan was injected to me. No one would believe I was pregnant because my belly did not show until I got preeclampsia and did not even know. I still don't understand how I use to go for my check ups and everything will be "perfect" and I was dying slowly and no one was telling .I had a nurse that would come to my house and visit. She would take my weight and give me new moms' information. She would mention I was gaining weight but I didn't know how because I barely ate so I decided to go work at a salon to be active and out of the house that did not help at all. I was due on February 27th. I gave birth January. Lasted 2 weeks at the hospital and was saved by my little brother who came to my house the day after new years to visit I couldn't get up from bed and couldn't eat if I drank water I would vomit so I spent that day with out eating my nails were purple according to my brother I was turning black. However I had 3 weeks feeling ill I couldn't sleep because my left side hurted badly, my hands were swollen my neck face everything was swollen and I didn't know what was going on I thought it was normal. So on the 1st on January, I go to the ER without nothing, thinking I was going home but I didn't. They kept they induced me and it was the most horrible experience ever I am still struggling to loose all the weight I put on its been a year and I haven't lost all the weight but I can say I got very lucky. If I get into all the detail of my 2 weeks in the hospital I will not finish writing today but god is great my baby is here with me he was born purple though I didn't hold him right away 3 to 4 hours later I did and I just Thank god each day for having him.

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